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Saturday, November 12, 2016

My New Canon EOS M10

In 2011, I purchased my 1st DSLR using my 13th month pay. At that time, I was choosing between Canon and Nikon. Both cameras are almost identical in features, design and price. However, I choose Canon because its interface is more user-friendly. Five years later, I am still happy with Canon in terms of quality of the product and after sales. I only brought it once to the Canon Service Center when the 18-55 kit lens was “stuck” after I brought it at Malico, Nueva Ecija (it’s a cold place).

2016-11-05 15.16.30

I first saw the Canon EOS M10 at the recent FPPF judging at the Chamber of Commerce in Intramuros, Manila

Last Thursday, I was at Camerahaus BGC and I bought a mirrorless camera. I have P22,000 in hand from the back pay I got from my last company (I resigned August 2016). I first check for Fuji and the lowest price they have for a Fuji mirrorless camera (that is available) is P27,000. I don’t have enough “funds” to buy it. Luckily, Camerahaus BGC has a Sony mirrorless camera and the Canon EOS M10, which was released recently.

The Sony ILCE-5000 is being sold at a cash price of P20,000. It has 20.1 megapixels and comes with a free 16 GB SD card and a camera bag. It’s almost identical with the Canon EOS M10 – both wireless capable and has an LCD screen that can be flip. The Sony model was released in 2014 and I actually wanted to try other brands (aside from Canon). However, the interface of Sony is complicated for me. The lens that comes with the EOS M10 (15-45mm) is also “wider” than that of Sony. The EOS M10 also feels more like a compact DSLR unlike the Sony ILCE-5000 which is more like a digital camera. Although the Sony is lighter than the EOS M10, I find it more convenient to grab the M10 that the Sony, which feels like it would slip my hand anytime.

I purchased my Canon EOS M10 at the new Camerahaus branch in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), which is located at the 3rd Floor of Central Square Building. If you’re coming from Market-Market, it’s at the very end of Bonifacio High Street. I paid it in cash and It’s P19,800. For the freebies, I got the red “jacket” and a Sodexo Gift Certificate worth P500.

I am still on the process of getting to know my new mirrorless camera. I’m glad that I’m not going to create #ElmerLovesSony blog but instead, stick to my current #ElmerLovesCanon blog. I’m posting my test shots of the Canon EOS M10 here. Both the Sony and the Canon mirrorless camera come with a 3-year warranty. I hope by then, I’ll have enough money to purchase a new one if needed.

I just read the manual of the Canon EOS M10 and I’m happy that it has in-camera features (effects) like HDR, fish-eye, toy camera and miniature models. It can also be linked to a smartphone and can also upload to the cloud storage of Canon, for easy transfer of images, wirelessly. The EOS M10 is the entry-level mirrorless camera of Canon – a cheaper version of the EOS M5. Back in 2011, I purchased an entry level DSLR. Now, I purchased another entry-level camera but it’s mirrorless now. I hope I can make the most of this new gear.

This camera by the way has a free “housing” (or casing) color red worth P1,500. It gives the Canon EOS M10 better grip. The only take-away is that, you have to remove it using a coin whenever you’ll charge the battery or change SD card. The battery is also below 1,000 mAH and I only got 104 shots with a fully-charged battery. I guess, I’ll need an extra battery.


The guy in red is the one who convinced me to choose Canon EOS M10.


The Camerahaus in BGC (3rd Floor Central Square Building)


Taken around the Bonifacio High Street.

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