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Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Happened To The San Juan Resettlement?

During the term of Joseph “Erap” Estrada as Mayor of San Juan (a post he held for 16 years), some 1,800 squatter families were relocated out of San Juan to Taytay, Rizal in 1979. This became part of the 18-hectare San Lorenzo Ruiz resettlement project.(Wikipedia,,

He also provided free housing to squatters who voluntarily vacated slum areas in the (then) municipality. (


In April 1999, 5-story condominiums were inaugurated at the San Juan Resettlement Area in Taytay as he celebrated his 62nd birthday then. This was part of the Pabahay ni Erap program. These housing units were designed by Architect Bobby Manosa and were called Bahay Para sa Kinabukasan Inc. (BPKI).

Back then, it was noted that BPKI will coordinate with the HUDCC’s socialized housing concept in building 50 five-story condominium buildings on a 6.2 hectare lot within the resettlement area. Under the program, each building will have 40 units with a 31 square meter floor area. Of the 40 units, 37 are residential and 3 are community service areas.

The housing units, whose average cost amounts to P200,000, would be available to families with a gross monthly income of P10,000 or less. Beneficiary families can avail of amortization for a maximum of 25 years through financial institutions accredited by the HUDCC. (

In December 2007, former President Joseph Estrada distributed 47 land titles and dried goods to 2,000 residents of the resettlement area that he created for San Juan residents in (San Lorenzo Ruiz) Taytay, Rizal during his stint as mayor of San Juan.

The recipients of the land titles were among 5,000 families who used to be informal settlers in Barangay Corazon de Jesus and Halo-Halo in San Juan. Estrada resettled them to an 18-hectare land in San Lorenzo Ruiz, Taytay (Rizal) town in 1985. (

Fast forward to 2014, the proposed number of condominiums was never achieved. Some of the ones that were constructed were already demolished because it became unsafe for human habitation. We visited it last January 2014 and took these pictures. I guess there were only 3-4 condominiums left and in need of repair.

I wonder what happened to the rest of those 1,800 families who were relocated from San Juan.


When we visited the San Juan Settlement Area, there were only 3-4 condominiums left standing.


According to residents, condominiums used to be standing on this vacant lot.

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