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Friday, June 28, 2013

Program of Activities for the 440th Araw ng Pasig

Finally, the City Government of Pasig City released today via Facebook, the Program of Activities for the 440th Araw ng Pasig Celebration.

They somehow included the popularity of the boyband One Direction in their ad. Check out the following:

440th Araw ng Pasig Program of Activities

June 30, 2013, Sunday

9:00 AM -- Thanksgiving Mass (Pasig City Sports Center)

10:00 AM -- Inaugural Ceremony (Pasig City Sports Center)


July 1, 2013, Monday

7:00 AM -- Launching of Dangal ng Pasig and Galing Pasig (M. Eusebio Quadrangle, in front of Pasig City Hall)


July 2, 2013, Tuesday

5:00 AM to 12:00 NN -- Diskwento Pasigueno sa Pasig Mega Market (in participating stalls)

6:00 AM to 12:00 NN -- Libreng Sakay sa Pasigueno (Pasig Public Market to Crossing via Rotonda & Ligaya, Santolan to Pasig Public Market via Rosario)

7:00 AM -- Thanksgiving Mass (M. Eusebio Quadrangle, in front of Pasig City Hall)

7:00 AM to 5:00 PM -- "Ang Sarap Tumanda Sa Pasig" (Free use of RAVE facilities for Senior Citizens. Bring and present your Blue card)

4:00 PM -- Children's Golden Show (Unicyclist, Jugglers, Balancing acts, Puppet and Magic Show), Plaza Rizal

6:00 PM -- Fireworks Display (Plaza Rizal)


July 3, 2013, Wednesday

8:00 AM -- Mega Job Fair Para sa Pasigueno (Pasig City Sports Center)

4:00 PM -- Inauguration of 7th and 8th Floors, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig (PLP) Compound, Brgy. Kapasigan


July 6, 2013, Saturday

6:00 PM -- Back to School Disco Party (Pasig City Sports Center)


July 7, 2013, Sunday

5:00 AM -- Bike for Life (Damayan, Brgy. Pinagbuhatan)


July 11, 2013, Thursday

5:00 PM -- Senior Citizens' Ball (Pasig City Sports Center)


July 13, 2013, Saturday

9:00 AM -- Kasalang Bayan 2013 (Immaculate Conception Cathedral)

7:00 PM -- Concert sa Araw ng Pasig (Rizal High School Oval)


July 15, 2013, Monday

8:00 AM -- Riverbank Clean-up District I (Pineda Creek, Brgy. Pineda)

1:00 PM -- Riverbank Clean-up District II (Manggahan Floodway, Brgy. Manggahan)


July 17, 2013, Wednesday

10:00 AM -- Launching of Kabataan Iligtas sa Droga and Inauguration of New ADCOP Building (Brgy. San Nicolas, Back of Pasig City Hall)


July 20, 2012, Saturday

7:00 AM -- Medical Mission (Manggahan Elementary School, Brgy. Manggahan)


A project of Mayor Maribel A. Eusebio and the City Council.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

TOYCON 2013 Cosplayers

I’m very sorry it took a while before I could post these other pictures of the TOYCON 2013 Cosplayers. Well, better late than never.

I love attending cosplay competitions because there are a lot of cute guys who are into cosplay.


The cute guy from Dragon Nest. I love his smile.


She looks great in her outfit. I wonder what character did he cosplay.


Mister Sinister from the X-Men. He’s very obsessed with Cyclops and Jean Grey.


Storm of the X-Men. I think I’ve seen her last year.


The sleepy guy is cute.


What anime is she from?


Wizard from Ragnarok Online complete with a Bunny Band. Nice. Hope to see her again at Level Up! Live 2013.


I’ve seen this character before. I just don’t know which anime or manga. Is he from the Naruto series?


Chun-Li from Street Fighters. Looks mataray talaga ha.


She’s looks adorable.




Is she the winner of the Face Off challenge?


She’s one of the Deadly Sins. I hope it will have an all-boys equivalent.


The guy is cute.


The guy… looks great in his costume!


Pussy Cat Doll.


Cool tropa.


The guy is cute.


The guy is… from One Piece.

Monday, June 17, 2013

440th Araw ng Pasig Celebration

July 2 is Araw ng Pasig and this year is the 440th celebration of this historic event. I went to the website of the Pasig City Government and I was very disappointed that there is no information about this upcoming event on their website.

Pasig City Seal

In fact, the website of the Pasig City Government, particularly the Upcoming Events section, is not update. The last celebration that is listed there is the Bambino Festival which happened in January 2013. So I checked the other Social Media channels of the Pasig City Government.

no other events listed

The Facebook link on the website redirects to the Facebook page of Ex-Mayor Bobby Eusebio. It doesn’t give any information about the upcoming 440th Araw ng Pasig Celebration. It only highlights the accomplishments of the Pasig City Government.

The Twitter page of the Pasig City Government is a lot worse. It redirects to the Twitter account of Ex-Mayor Bobby Eusebio and it was last updated in 2010. It’s obvious that they set-up the Twitter account so that it would appear great on the Pasig City website, although it’s not updated.

pasig city twitter-horz

If I were the current Mayor of Pasig City, I would allot enough budgets to Public Information, particularly through websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter page. It’s already the digital age and a lot of people are online. Citizens of Pasig like me, would love to know information about upcoming events in Pasig City, on the Internet, online.

Surprisingly, the Pasig City Government has an agency called the Public Information Office (PIO). It has a Facebook page but it’s like the local version of PAG-ASA (the weather bureau). I just hope that public information would included other things aside from weather updates.

I’m just hoping that the Pasig City Government would celebrate the 440th Araw ng Pasig this year better than last year.

Highlights of TOYCON 2013

So I was at TOYCON 2013 yesterday afternoon at the SM Megatrade Hall. It was full of people, cosplayers included. Two famous cosplayers were present in the event -- Alodia and Jinri Park. They spent most of their time signing posters and posing for the camera.


Cosplayers from the online game Dragon Nest.

I was a bit hesitant to go to TOYCON 2013 thinking that it would probably be the same as last year. I went to the event anyway. It was as I was expecting it to be -- almost the same as last year.

Most of the action figures that were displayed are almost the same exact toys that were displayed last year. A lot of the cosplayers are the same cosplayers that were there last year -- specially the Justice League and the Avengers.

The highlight of the day was the cosplay competition called Hero Face Off. I was expecting a performance by a band or something so I stayed until 7PM. No other performances were present. Not to mention that the entrance fee increased from P100 to P120.

There were few new exhibitors that I noticed and the booth that I really loved seeing is the One Sixth Republic. Their action figures are of high quality. I also loved the free soda provided by Coca Cola and the free ID lace and pin buttons given by Mozilla Philippines (Firefox).

Some of the most common merchandized during TOYCON 2013 are mugs, action figures (One Piece, Naruto, Marvel and DC), toy cars, robots, headgears, cards, dog tags, and t-shirts . There were also home embroidery machines from Brother Philippines and booths from Komikon and schools that offer courses for animation.

Some of the cosplayers that were new to me are: Red Mask (Maskman), the boy scout from the movie Up, and Mr. Pogi (from Dragon Ball Z). I also saw the new PSP games (the latest) Marvel vs Capcom as well as Injustice (DC characters). The online game Dragon Nest was also present during the event giving free installer CDs and posters. There's also a booth dedicated to the promotion of the latest Superman movie, "Man of Steel".

Overall, I still enjoyed attending TOYCON 2013 and here are some of the pictures I took.


Chris Hemsworth is the face of Thor, God of Thunder.


Is he one of the Three Musketeers?


A geek robot.


Home embroidery machine from Brother Philippines.


Tribute to Alfredo P. Alcala.


I love these toys.


Princess Diana of The Amazons a.k.a. Wonder Woman.


Supergirl of Synergy 88 Animation Studios.


A Japanese warrior?


Hugh Jackman is the face of Wolverine.


I’m a proud user of Mozilla Firefox.


Animation artist.


The guy is cute.


Model of Victoria?


The famous house from the movie “Up!”


Tonton, the friend of Lone Ranger.


Naruto is a bit pricey.


The Saiyans.


The guy is cute. He’s also explaining the Personal Portable 3D Printer. Check out their website


The Iron Throne.


I wish Phil Dogtags could give me a free one.


One of the hot commodities of TOYON 2013 – T-shirts!


T-shirt printing.


The guy is cute. I just don’t know his name. They’re the host of Hero Face Off.


The Queen of Philippine Cosplay – Alodia.


The cosplayers from Dragon Nest again. I hope they’ll give me in-game items.






Despicable Me


The pretty girl of Toy Empire.


Mr. Pogi of Dragon Ball Z.


Cyclops is the newest endorser of Firefox.


I would say that Red Mask (Maskman) is the BEST cosplayer of TOYCON 2013.


Jinri Park as Sailor Mars.


One of the 7 Deadly Sins. I guess she’s Lust.


The famous Boy Scout from the movie “Up!”


I hope Komikon would give me free entrance to their event.


Another animation artist.


One of the 7 Deadly Sins. I think she’s Pride.


Wonderful T-shirts showing Bleach characters.


One the spot T-shirt making.


Marin from the Poring Family of Ragnarok Online.

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