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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Square Ville HOAI and the CMP (Part 2)

Two years ago, the president of Square Ville Home Owners Association Inc (HOAI), Rodolfo Rabang, reported the status of Square Ville’s application to the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC). He gave the following steps on how to have an individual lot title for Square Ville HOAI:

  1. Filing of the subdivision plan to the Urban Poor Service Office (UPSO) of Pasig City
  2. Background Investigation of the site (in Nagpayong, Pasig City)
  3. Approval for Social Housing, through the SHFC
  4. Segregation of land title to individual lot owners

I don’t know where the problem is, but it took two years to jump from Step #1 to #2. It’s only today that representatives of the SHFC visited the Square Ville HOAI in Nagpayong, Pasig City to conduct a Background Investigation, on the home owners. I don’t know whether the officers of Square Ville HOAI are not doing their job/voluntary work or it’s the SHFC that has a lot of backlog.


South Star Drug is the newest business establishment that opened its doors to residents of Square Ville Home Owners Association Inc in Nagpayong, Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City

The representatives of SHFC asked the home owners (as a group) the following questions:

  • Have you ever availed of the Community Mortgage Plan (CMP) before, in other places?
  • How many years are you residents of Nagpayong?
  • Why did it took so long before it was applied through CMP?
  • Are all home owners residing in these houses and not having it rented?
  • Do you have financial problems?
  • What’s the smallest and largest lot size in your association?
  • How much is the price per square meters?
  • How much are you paying monthly in your association (“butaw”)?
  • When is the schedule of your meeting? When was the last meeting?
  • Does your HOA issue receipts?
  • How many years is the term of your HOA officers?
  • Do you know your HOA officers? Who is the president?
  • Did you pay a survey fee?
  • How many are members of your Board of Directors?
  • Up to how many years is the loan? What’s the annual interest rate?


The officers of SHFC also pointed out that under CMP, “ang utang ng isa ay utang ng lahat”. They encouraged the home owners of Square Ville to pay our dues diligently. For those who happened to have a “katukayo” (similar name), they have to file an affidavit saying that they never availed of the CMP yet. They also required that the member should be 59 years old and below.

Here’s a quick facts about Square Ville HOAI and how much will it cost to pay for the lot:

  • Square Ville Home Owners Association, Inc is registered December 1, 2011 to the Housing Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) with Registration # 19156.
  • Land is owned by Sunny Realty Corporation and the total land area is 7,068 square meters. The total price of the whole area is P15.5 million pesos.
  • The price per square meter is at P2,200.
  • TCT# 011-2014002880 and TCT# 011-2014002864 covers the area.
  • There are 185 beneficiaries/family that lives in Square Ville, Nagpayong.
  • Makawili Jay C Foundation, Inc is the CMP Mobilizer of Square Ville. The said foundation is located at #2 Paquita St, Brgy Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City with Epitacio R Magbiro as Chairman. (Note: I can’t find their website or even their Facebook page)
  • Square Ville HOAI will borrow P14.2 million pesos from the SHFC.
  • The monthly fee will be P685.30 and the interest is 6% per year.
  • The Officers of Square Ville HOAI are: Rodolfo D Rabang (President), Nenita D Regalado (Vice President), Chona C dela Cruz (Secretary), Josephine R Ultado (Treasurer) and Irish D Zapata (Auditor).

Hopefully, after today’s visit by the SHFC, the loan being asked by Square Ville HOAI will be granted in the soonest time possible so that each home owner will begin paying for their lot, which they’ve occupying for more than 20 years.

This is how slow and expensive it will take for squatters (informal settlers) to obtain the lot they’ve occupying, the legal way. I hope there’s a faster way.

Monday, June 8, 2015

442nd Araw ng Pasig Schedule of Events

Here are the different activities in the upcoming 442nd Araw ng Pasig celebration. The main event is still the Grand Parade on July 2, 2015. I hope to see something new in this year’s celebration of Araw ng Pasig (Pasig City Day).

442nd Araw ng Pasig Schedule of Activities

Medical Mission and Tree Planting

June 6, 2015 (Saturday) 7:00 AM

Eusebio Bliss 1, Jenny’s Avenue, Maybunga

Eusebio Bliss 3, Westbank Road, Floodway, Maybunga

Eusebio Bliss 4, Karangalan Village, Manggahan


Pasig City Aero Zumba Competition

June 13, 2015 (Saturday) 5:00 AM

Rizal High School Oval


Barangay Cook Out Challenge

June 14, 2015 (Sunday) 6:00 AM

Carless Lane at M. Caruncho Avenue


Trabaho Para Sa Pasigueno – Pasig Mega Job Fair

June 18, 2015 (Thursday) 8:00 AM

Rizal High School Gym


Opening of Exhibit at Plaza Rizal

June 18, 2015 (Thursday) 5:00 PM

Plaza Rizal


Poblacion Culinary and Historical Tour

June 20, 2015 (Saturday) 7:00 AM

Pasig City Museum


Takbuhan sa Araw ng Pasig

June 21, 2015 (Sunday) 5:00 AM

Carless Lane at Manggahan


Palarong Pinoy with Boodlefight

June 26, 2015 (Friday) 4:00 PM

Various Barangays


Pasig City’s Quiz Bee

June 26, 2015 (Friday) 5:00 PM

M. Eusebio Quadrangle infront of Pasig City Hall


Bike for a Cause (Bike Ride)

June 28, 2015 (Sunday) 5:00 AM

Carless Lane at Emerald Avenue, Ortigas


Street Mart sa Pasig “Galing ng Gawang Pasig”

June 30-July 1, 2015 6:00 AM-7:00 PM

Garden Walk, Mutya ng Pasig Market


Pasig City Mega Wide Sale “Diskwento Pasigueno”

July 2, 2015 (Thursday) 6:00 AM

Various Barangays and Establishments


Thanksgiving Mass

July 2, 2015 6:30 AM Sta Clara de Montefalco


Grand Parade

July 2, 2015 7:00 AM C. Raymundo Avenue, infront of Sta Clara de Montefalco


Parade of Barangay Fiesta Festival

July 2, 2015 7:00 AM

C. Raymundo Avenue, infront of Sta Clara de Montefalco


Libreng Sakay sa Araw ng Pasig

July 2, 2015 5:00 AM-5:00PM

Market – San Joaquin – Marikina


Street Dancing Competition

July 4, 2015 (Saturday) 5:00 PM

Infront of Pasig City Museum


Galing ng Pasig Awards

July 8, 2015 (Wednesday) 3:00 PM

Tanghalang Pasigueno


Pasigkatan… Variety Show

July 11, 2015 (Saturday) 5:00 PM

Infront of Pasig City Museum


Kasalan Bayan “Araw ng Pasig Bride”

July 18, 2015 (Saturday) 8:00 AM

Sta Clara de Montefalco


SOCA (State of the City Address)

July 22, 2015 (Wednesday) 9:00 AM

Tanghalang Pasigueno


City Wide Earthquake Drill

July 30, 2015 (Thursday) 6:00 PM

Central Business District, Ortigas Avenue

Sunday, June 7, 2015

My First Time At The La Mesa Ecopark

When my coworkers from our call center in Libis invited me to join them on their picnic at the La Mesa Ecopark, I immediately said yes, since I've never been to the place. I first heard about the La Mesa Ecopark from one of my fellow photographers. La Mesa Ecopark is one of the two most popular pre-nuptial shoot venue (the other being the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife). The La Mesa Ecopark is literally a good place to have “a stroll in the park”. It’s beautiful, green and wide.


The La Mesa Ecopark is part of the bigger La Mesa Watershed – an ecological nature reserve site in Lagro, Quezon City. From our call center in Eastwood City, Libis, we rode a jeep to Cubao and then another jeep to Lagro. We then rode a tricycle to the La Mesa Ecopark. The La Mesa Ecopark has so many facilities for different activities like biking, Zipline, fishing, paintball, bungee fan, horseback riding, among others. It also has such facilities like the Ipil Pavilion, swimming pool, Narra Pavilion, multi-purpose hall, Butterfly Haven, Drilon Orchidarium, Petron Amphitheater and boating pavilion.

There’s a P50 entrance fee that goes as a donation to the Save The La Mesa Watershed Project. So every visit to this park adds up to the fund used for maintaining this park. The La Mesa Ecopark indeed is a place for pre-nuptial shoot since we saw a lot of photographers and couples. The Drilon Orchidarium is also beautiful with its wide collection of orchids. It’s good to know that in spite of the modern city we live and work in, there’s always a patch of green that we could visit within the Metro, to unwind, relax and get in touch with nature.




Stairs leading to the La Mesa Watershed.


Statue of a couple (Malakas and Maganda?) on the back of a giant turtle.


The park has so many tall trees.


The La Mesa Ecopark is an ideal place for picnics.


The Orchidarium is dedicated in honor of Atty Violy Drilon. It has a wide collection of orchids.


The La Mesa Ecopark is full of beautiful flowers.


A unique tree.


Geese roaming around the La Mesa Ecopark.


There’s a souvenir shop at the La Mesa Ecopark that offers henna tattoo and sells dream catchers and other tribal ornaments.


The different activities (and facilities) that you can do at the La Mesa Ecopark.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Libad Festival of Calumpit, Bulacan

Here’s the schedule of activities for the upcoming Libad Festival in Calumpit, Bulacan. It’s basically the celebration of the Feat of St John the Baptist in Calumpit. It’s a weeklong festival that will start on June 15, 2015 until June 24.

I believe the highlights of the event are on June 20, 2015 for the Indakan Festival, June 23 for the Libad and June 24 for Araw ng Kapistahan. I believe this will be a “water-filled” event in commemoration of St John’s Baptism of Christ through water at the Jordan River. Let’s have our waterproof camera ready.

The Libad Festival is a fluvial festival in the river similar to Bocaue’s Pagoda Festival.

Calumpit Libad Festival

Libad Festival Calumpit

June 15 Monday

Opening SALVO – Pasinaya Street Dancing, Parade and Showdown “Mardi Gras Style” at 4:00 AM

Regular Mass – 6:00 AM

Battle of the Band – 7:00 PM

Fireworks Display


June 16 Tuesday

Bayanihan sa Bayan – 8:00 AM

You Can Dance – Ultimate Dance Revolution Contest – 7:00 PM


June 17 Wednesday

Opening of Calumpit IDOL Singing Contest – 1st Elimination Night – 7:00 PM


June 18 Thursday

Calumpit IDOL Singing Contest – 2nd Elimination Night – 7:00 PM


June 19 Friday

Calumpit IDOL Singing Contest – 3rd Elimination Night – 7:00 PM


June 20 Saturday

Indakan Festival – Parade and Showdown – 4:00 AM

Calumpit IDOL Singing Contest – 4th Elimination Night – 7:00 PM


June 21 Sunday

Zumba (Calumpit Sports Complex) – 4:00 AM

Fun Run (Takbo Para Kay San Juan) – 5:00 AM

Regular Mass – 5:30 AM

Calumpit IDOL Singing Contest – 5th Elimination Night – 7:00 PM


June 22 Monday

BINGO For Every Juan – 8:00 PM


June 23 Tuesday

MISA / LIBAD / Prusisyon – 5:30 AM


Bulacan’s Next Top Model 2015 – 8:00 PM


June 24 Wednesday

ARAW NG KAPISTAHAN – Holy High Mass/Prusisyon

Calumpit IDOL Singing Contest – GRAND FINALS

Fireworks Display

Jose & Wally Concert – 8:00 PM

Friday, June 5, 2015

My Fist Time at Wawa Dam

Last March 7, 2015 was my first time at Wawa Dam. It’s a gravity dam located in Rodriguez, Rizal. It’s also called Montalban Dam because Montalban is the old name of Rodriguez.


Montalban was founded in 1909 but in 1982, the name of the town was change to Rodriguez in honor of Eulogio Rodriguez Sr, a former Senate President who is a native of this municipality.

Wawa Dam is constructed in 1909 during the American colonial period and was used to provide the water needs of Manila up until the time that Angat Dam was completed.

Wawa Dam is now a tourist spot and a place for swimming especially during the summer season. Residents near the dam constructed sheds made of bamboo and nipa and serves as a dining spot for travelers. Bikers and hikers also visit this place because of its beauty, serenity and cool climate. I guess Wawa Dam is the nearest dam from Pasig City and it’s worth the trip.


Early morning at Wawa Dam (a.k.a. Montalban Dam)


Floating nipa sheds.


Bamboo bridges and more nipa huts.


The mountain range where water at the Wawa Dam is coming from.


Bamboo bridges traversing the Marikina River that passes at Wawa Dam.


Foggy mountain range in the background.


Woman washing clothes at Wawa Dam.


Wawa Dam reminds me of the smaller dam in Villa Escudero.


Boulders near the Wawa Dam.


Wawa Dam is a place for (bamboo) rafting.


Travellers taking a bath at the Wawa Dam.


More boulders near Wawa Dam.

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