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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Guimbal Church

The Guimbal Church is formally known as the Parish of St. Nicholas of Tolentino. It is located around 45 minutes from Iloilo City. It is made from the same material that created the Miagao Church – yellow limestone.

Guimbal Church is one of the 10 churches that we visited in the Province of Iloilo a few months ago (after attending the MassKara 2013 Festival). It’s a great experience to visit these churches in Iloilo and learn about the similarities of these churches. The Guimbal Church in particular used columns that has Corinthian capitals.

The main entrance arch uses a floral motif and there are two statues on the façade of the church. I’m guessing it’s John the Baptist and St. Joseph. Inside the church, it has simple ceiling and a geometrically-patterned flooring. There is also a statue of St. Nicholas of Tolentino inside the church, holding a goblet as if pouring grace on souls in Purgatory.


Nicholas of Tolentino (Italian: San Nicola da Tolentino, Spanish: San Nicolás de Tolentino) (c. 1246 – September 10, 1306), known as the Patron of Holy Souls, was an Italian saint and mystic. (Wikipedia)


The main entrance and façade of Guimbal Church.


The Saints guarding the main entrance of the Guimbal Church.


Floral motif decorates the main entrance of the church.


The side entrance of the Guimbal Church.


The details of the bricks used on the exterior walls.


A smaller chapel (I’m guessing it’s the Adoration Chapel) is located near the side entrance of the Guimbal Church.


Most churches in Iloilo Province is made up of this kind of limestone.


The side entrance and side window of the Guimbal Church.


The main altar of Guimbal Church.


St. Nicholas of Tolentino. The Patron Saint of Guimbal Church.


The flooring of the Guimbal Church is lovely.


Happy New Year 2014!

2014 el toro

Happy New Year guys! Hopefully, we’ll have a better 2014. The past year was a tough one. I would remind myself to update this blog more often with pictures from my travels around the country.

Thanks for visiting this blog. I hope that I’ll transform this into a full-blown travel and photography blog. Cheers!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The San Joaquin Cemetery, Iloilo

The San Joaquin Cemetery in Iloilo Province is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I’ve seen, as far as preservation is concern. It was build in 1892 and is located along the National Highway leading to the town of San Joaquin (from Iloilo City).


The main feature of the San Joaquin Cemetery is the mortuary chapel located in the center after climbing a flight of stairs. This chapel is octagon in design and is highlighted by the orange bricks that were used on it. The cemetery is also unique because of its main entrance, an arch with wrought-iron gates.

As for the details of the San Joaquin Cemetery mortuary chapel, it has circular windows at the façade and has a half-circle window on the main entrance. The wood used for the main entrance is interesting as well. It is also full with architectural details like moldings.


Details of the side windows of the San Joaquin Cemetery mortuary chapel.


Orange bricks were used extensively on the mortuary chapel of the San Joaquin Cemetery.


The details of the door of the mortuary chapel. I wonder what wood was used for this main entrance.


Details of the bas relief and moldings used at the entrance arch / gate of the San Joaquin Cemetery.


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