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Saturday, May 4, 2013

3 New Exciting Flavors of Nestle Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I’ve been eating it forever. Nestle Philippines, the country’s leading manufacturer of ice cream, recently released 3 new exciting flavors that are inspired by the Italians, French and Belgian.


French Salted Caramel

Dubbed as Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World – it’s a range of premium ice cream that’s inspired by famous desserts of Europe. Here’s the French Salted Caramel ice cream that has thick ribbons of caramel ripple.


Italian Coffee Affogato

Next we have the Nestle Temptations’ version of the famous affogato (coffee-based beverage) in an ice cream. It has swirls of espresso-flavored ice cream blended with chocolate chips and cashew nuts and is also vanilla-flavored.


Belgian Chocolate Praline

Not to be left behind is the ice cream that has the taste of Belgian chocolate chips and pieces of Praline (confections made from nuts and sugar syrup). Belgian chocolates are world-famous for it’s superior quality and flavor. Imagine it in an ice cream.

Experience smooth and velvety ice cream that will tickle your senses! Give in and say YES to Nestle Temptations!

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