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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Leganes Church, Iloilo Province

The Leganes Church a.k.a. Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer is located just outside of Iloilo City. It’s just a jeepney away from the Jaro Cathedral. It’s a modern church and is still part of the 10 churches we visited in Iloilo last year after attending the MassKara Festival 2013.

The Leganes Parish was established in 1858 but this modern church (shown below) was rebuild after a devastating earthquake in 1948. Several additions (and improvements) to the church began in 1997. You may visit the website of the Municipality of Leganes for the details of this church’s history.

The Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer is under the Archdiocese of Jaro. St. Vincent Ferrer is the patron saint of builders. I was actually intrigued by his depiction (with wings, as if an angel) and I found out from a Catholic website that “St. Vincent Ferrer is often pictured with wings. Multitudes of people have witnessed him, in the middle of preaching, suddenly assume wings and fly off to help some suffering person; he would return in the same manner and continue preaching.” Source.


The bell tower of the Leganes Church (Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer) is just adjacent to the church. 


The interior of the Leganes Church (Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer), Iloilo Province.


The wonderful stained glass of the Leganes Church with the silhouette of St. Vincent Ferrer.


The Municipal Hall of Leganes, Iloilo is located a few meters away from the Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer (Leganes Church).


The façade of the Leganes Church (Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer), Iloilo Province (just outside of Iloilo City).

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