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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fonts and Cropping

I’ve always wanted to be a Desktop Publisher – those who creates amazing business cards, invitations, posters and newsletters. I used Adobe PageMaker before and Print Artist during my college years. Right now, I don’t know what’s the most convenient software to use for Desktop Publishing. If I’m going to establish a business, I’ll choose Desktop Publishing and Portraiture.

That’s why I’m keeping these two cheat sheets on my Desktop for easy reference. The first one is a guide on choosing the right Fonts and the second one is for Cropping. I know that I should memorize these two guides by heart – but since I’m getting old, I’m having hard time memorizing things.

Thus, these two important Cheat Sheets ended up on this blog. What cheat sheets do you keep on your desktop?


The Psychology of Fonts from

portrait photography crop

The guide for Cropping from Digital Camera World.

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