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Monday, May 5, 2014

Firefox 29 Philippine Launch

The earliest Firefox version I've ever use was 3.2. I guess I've seen the banner of Firefox in one of the blogs that I was following. That was circa 2007 I guess. Ever since then, I've been a Firefox user & promoter. I find FF (shortcut of Firefox) as the fastest browser in the market today.


Now, I'm here at the launch party of Firefox at Alphaland Southgate Mall, Magallanes. The latest version of this amazing browser is 29 & it gives a lot of improvement. This event is organized by Mozilla Philippines -- the local branch of the Mozilla Foundation (US).

I'm glad that Mozilla PH is active in promoting the browser in the country. This is one of the several events organized by the foundation in order to educate Internet users that there's a better alternative to Internet Explorer.

In my job as a call center agent, I try to educate our US customers that IE are not the sole browser available. I also inform our customers that the best way to isolate a browser issue is to use another browser -- like Mozilla Firefox!

The party is about to begin. I hope that the organizers would talk about the status of The Browser Wars, the latest companies switching to Firefox & exciting prizes for being a loyal FF user & associate.

One of the key features and the future of Firefox is that HTML5 will be fully integrated into the browser. They even showed some shooter games that run on Firefox.

This event is not only about the official lunch of Firefox 29 but also about the status of Firefox OS -- the OS for mobile phones. It's currently at version 1.4 but version 2.0 is already in the works. Mozilla Philippines is also encouraging Pinoy app developers to create new apps for the Firefox Marketplace for the smartphones & future tablets.

Here are some of the things that Firefox & Firefox OS promotes (as noted by Aaron Cajes):

  • Alternative – Delivers amazing experience to users and developers.
  • Open – An operating system built on the principle of Openness.
  • Privacy – Made by a Non-profit Organization that puts YOU first.
  • Innovation – Everyone can get involved, contribute and share.


The Philippine Launch of Firefox version 29 was held at the Bali Function Room of the Alphaland Southgate Mall in Magallanes, Makati City.


The theme of the party was Mexican – thus, the Dynamite!


Faye was one of the speakers of the Firefox 29 Philippine Launch. She talked about what Firefox is and a history of the browser that we love.


Mozilla’s Mission: To promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. The head of the T-Rex is an icon of the Mozilla Foundation.


Firefox OS (Mobile) and Google Android has a good, working, relationship.


Like, Tweet, Follow and check out the pictures of the Mozilla Philippines Community.


The highlights of the new Firefox v29.


Aaron Cajes talked about the Firefox OS – for smartphones. I would definitely buy one once it’s released by Smart.


I won a Firefox knapsack in the raffle.


Members of the Mozilla Philippines Community where I also belong.

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