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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Panaderia Dimas-Alang: Founded 1919

I live in Pasig City almost half of my life. Since 2006, I’ve been passing by the famous (and oldest) bakery in Pasig City – Dimas-Alang. It’s located in one of the major streets of Pasig City downtown in Barangay Kapasigan. Yesterday was the first time I’ve bought bread from this famous bakery.


Panaderia Dimas-Alang – truly, a landmark of Pasig City. It will be celebrating its Centennial Anniversary in 2019.

I’ve always wanted to drop by this famous (and landmark) bakery and finally, yesterday, while we’re waiting for the Children’s Golden Show, we decided to take some pictures of this famous bakery and the different breads it offered. I haven’t seen the famous bread “Hindi Ko Akalain” nor tasted the famous pandesal (since it’s already 3:00 PM) but I was able to eat Hopiang Baboy and Cheese Bread. Now I know why it’s famous and is known all-over Pasig City – the breads are delicious and the prices are very affordable.

Dimas-Alang by the way is the pen name of Philippine Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. This famous bakery in Pasig City was founded in 1919 and I can’t wait for its 100th year anniversary (Centennial) in 2019. I hope Panaderia Dimas-Alang would have the grandest celebration a bakery could have.

Some of the breads I’ve seen were:


French Bread – P40 for the big one and P20 for the smaller one.


Special Ensaimada – P60.


Chocolate Cinnamon – P50.


Egg pie – P170 for the whole pie and P17 per slice.


Custard Loaf – P140 for the big one and P28 for the small one. Chocolate Roll – P150.


Panaderia Dimas-Alang has a very wide variety of breads available in a bakery.


The staff of Panaderia Dimas-Alang were very friendly.


Dimas-Alang has all the things that you’ll ever wanted in a bakery.


Cassava Cake Slice – P20.


Mamon Chiffon – P15.


Dimas-Alang Bakery is very famous in Pasig City and has a lot of parokyano (customers).

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