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Friday, November 30, 2012

Back To Malolos City After 12 Years

I went to college at Bulacan State University (BSU) in Malolos, Bulacan. I spent 6 years in college (due to failing subjects) and I graduated in the year 2000. I love Malolos and we usually hang-out at the Provincial Capitol compound (right beside BSU).

IMG_9153 Bulacan Provincial Capitol

Malolos has 2 famous churches – the Barasoain Church and the Malolos Cathedral (also known as Basilica Minore dela Nuestra Señora de Inmaculada Concepcion). It also has a lot of historical places like the Casa Real de Malolos.

I immediately began working after graduation and I only went back to Malolos (now a city) after 12 years for a short visit. I was surprised that it’s no longer as crowded as before (in terms of traffic). There’s already a steel flyover at Crossing!

I was also surprised at the establishments in front of the Bulacan State University. Before, it was just a perimeter wall but now it already has a shopping mall. You can barely see BSU’s main gate.

The Barasoain Church compound as well as the Malolos Cathedral compound is still as beautiful as I remember it. It gave me a nostalgic experience when I walked from Barasoain Church to Malolos Cathedral. I love seeing some of the old houses along the street and the Casa Real as well.

Let me share to you some of the pictures I took of Malolos City. Have you been to these churches?

IMG_9210 Malolos City Hall

IMG_9150 IMG_9155 IMG_9156 Bulacan Provincial Capitol Complex

IMG_9158 Bulacan State University (BSU) Main Gate

IMG_9159 IMG_9160  Graceland Mall in front of Bulacan State University

IMG_9167     Barasoain Church

IMG_9181 La Consolacion University Philippines (formerly Regina Carmeli College)

IMG_9182 Barasoain Church Complex

IMG_9184 IMG_9185 IMG_9186 Old houses

IMG_9187 IMG_9188 IMG_9189 Casa Real de Malolos

IMG_9194    IMG_9207 IMG_9209Malolos Cathedral Complex

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