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Friday, August 3, 2012

How To Secure A Permit To Shoot In Rizal Park And Intramuros

I just came home from taking some pictures of Rizal Park and Intramuros. Contrary to what other groups are saying, there is absolutely no fee when taking pictures (even if you’re using a DSLR) in Rizal Park and Intramuros if it’s for personal use.


A few days ago, I sent some emails to the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) asking for the process on how to get a permit to take some pictures of Rizal Park and Intramuros which are both manage by NPDC. They advised me to go personally to their office.

Today, I was at Makati doing some BIR thing with my new employer when I decided to drop by the NPDC to secure a permit. Everything worked fine and I was able to take pictures of these two famous landmarks without any hassle.

Here are the steps on how to secure your own permit-to-shoot in Rizal Park and Intramuros:

  1. Write a letter to NPDC and tell them a who you are, a brief introduction about yourself and what are you going to do with the pictures that you’re planning to take. Make sure that you have a contact number in your letter.

Address your letter to: Ms. Juliet H. Villegas, Executive Director, National Parks Development Committee, Rizal Park, T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila.

  1. Bring along a valid ID (preferably a government ID with your name and picture on it) because the NPDC staff will photocopy it for filing purposes.
  2. Agree to the Rules and Regulation by affixing your name and signature to the sign-off sheet which tells you that:


This is to confirm that I shall submit print copies as well as e-copies on CD of the pictures taken during the photo shoot to the Cultural & Public Affairs Division of the National Parks Development Committee.

I also give my permission, on behalf of my group, to the National Parks Development Committee for the free use of the photos in the future. I only ask that my group be acknowledged as the photographer when our pictures are used.

Print Name and Signature

Contact Details

(Please attach a copy of the ID of signatory)

I asked them if it’s okay to email them the pictures instead of the print-out and CD and they agree to it. So emailing them the pictures is OK. You may email them at

  1. They will stamp your request letter and will write down the duration of your photo shoot. It’s 2 hours from the time when you wish to start.
  2. Again, if it’s for personal use, no fees will be collected. I don’t know the process on applying for a commercial shoot because I’m not a professional wedding photographer. I’m just a hobbyist, a newbie photographer
  3. Finally, the NPDC staff will give you a brief reminder about the parks and amenities, the fees if you’re going to enter the Chinese Garden or the Artist Haven and other portions of the park that have entrance fees (usually P5), and the allowed distance to shoot Rizal’s monument (not over the movable-railings).

After doing the above steps, you’re free to shoot to your heart’s desire. Make the most out of your 2 hours shooting period. Intramuros is about 15 minutes walk-time away from Rizal Park by the way.

What are you waiting for? Go there at the National Parks Development Committee office (besides the Department of Tourism building inside Rizal Park) and start shooting!


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