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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

I was fortunate enough to watch “Snow White and the Huntsman” for free with my movie partner Sef last Friday at the Cineplex (Shangri-La EDSA). It was a good movie and they did a great job at giving this fairy tale a twist.

Nuffnang Philippines and SkinWhite gave tickets-for-two to 100 Nuffnang Bloggers (myself included) and we had a great time watching the movie. Prior to the film showing itself, we had a Bring-Me contest and 10 lucky Nuffnangers who had items that were white (white handkerchief, white shirt, white shoes) were given special prizes by SkinWhite.

SkinWhite also provided us, the 100 Nuffnangers as well as our Plus One, with their latest product: the Face Cream Powder and the Whitening Lotion.

The movie itself is good but it’s definitely not for children 13 years old and below. Following the success of 2011 movie Red Riding Hood (the modern version starring Amanda Seyfried), Universal Pictures made their own twist to the classic fairy tale, Snow White, and took the spotlight away from the 7 Dwarves to the man who was ordered by the queen to kill her: The Huntsman.

I enjoyed watching the movie because of this twist to the classic story. Sef and I also enjoyed the film locations because of the majestic view of the entire kingdom, the castle, the Black Forest, the fairy land and an Amazonian-inspired village. The film also incorporated a troll; pixies, ravens and it even remind me of the film Joan of Arc

I also can’t help but think that I’m watching a Twilight-inspired movie because it seems that Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is torn between The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and Prince William (Sam Claflin).

I highly recommend that you see this movie, Snow White and the Huntsman, because it would definitely provide you with another view of the classic fairy tale. Just a warning though: you won’t see the Glass Coffin where the fairy tale is known for.

I won’t be surprise if other fairy tales will get their own movie version. It would definitely be the trend since Snow White and the Huntsman would be a commercially-successful movie.

chris hemsworth as the huntsman

The Huntsman

Sam Claflin as Prince William

Prince William (whom I find attractive in the movie)


Nuffnangers with their Plus One lined up to select their seats at the cinema.


Thank you SkinWhite for the gift pack!

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  1. Fairy tales became darker now...

    You have a new look here, nice!


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