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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Napindan Road to C-6 Road (Under Construction)

When I bought a mountain bike more than a month ago, I began biking around the Kenneth Area (Pasig City) and Barangay Napindan (Taguig City). These two areas are separated only by the Pasig River and the Napindan Bridge.


Signage at Barangay Napindan.

I also discovered a road that is under construction. I believe it’s around 80% complete and the reason why it’s not complete is because of informal settlers. Half-way along the road there are around 30-50 informal settlers who are directly affected by the C-6 to Napindan Road. The worst part is, their relocation is probably not in the minds of the government, particularly the officials of Taguig City.

The Napindan Road to C-6 Road is a great project. It has a budget of P67,691,936.40 and is being constructed by Armando U. Khong Hun General Contractor. It started in November 21, 2012 and it’s currently on-hold because of the issue of informal settlers. The implementing office is the DPWH-NCR-FMMED.

Napindan to C-6 Road

The Napindan Road to C-6 Road connects C-6 to Napindan, Taguig City.

Right now, it’s only accessible to light vehicles like bikes, motorbikes and tricycles. If completed, this will allow the residents of Taytay and Pasig to travel to Taguig City faster, and vice versa. This road leads to Barangay Napindan in Taguig City, which is also next to Barangay Kalawaan in Pasig City.

I hope the City Officials of Taguig will come across this blog and issue an official statement regarding the status of completion for this project. I hope the new mayor of Taguig City, Lani Cayetano will look into this issue. I hope the government officials of Taguig will relocate these residents through the Community Mortgage Program (CMP) so that the DPWH could continue with the project.

The Napindan Road to C-6 Road project will benefit a lot of commuters but what good is a project if it’s not complete.


This is the Napindan Bridge. It’s the boundary between Kenneth, Pasig and Napindan, Taguig. About 1 kilometer from this spot, you’ll find a bridge that connects to the on-going Napindan Road to C-6 Road Project.


The bridge that connects C-6 to the Napindan Road to C-6 Road Project.


Signage at the entrance of the Napindan Road to C-6 Road Project. It has a budget of P67 million pesos but is still not fully operational because of informal settlers.


Only light vehicles like tricycles, bikes and motorbikes are allowed to pass the Napindan Road to C-6 Road project.


The Napindan Road to C-6 Road is a nice place to go biking and jogging.


This is where the road construction is at halt. It’s mid-way between Napindan Road and C-6 Road.


These are the informal settlers that are directly affected by the on-going construction of the Napindan Road to C-6 Road Project. I hope they’ll be relocated soon.


This is part of Barangay Napindan, Taguig City.


This is the Napindan Road that also leads to Kalawaan, Pasig City.


The Torn Yang Phils. Inc. is along the Napindan Road to C-6 Road.

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