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Friday, December 27, 2013

Meeting Juan Direction in Bacolod City

A few days ago, I became an official fan of Juan Direction – the group of Half-British (and Half-Irish) Pinoys who first became YouTube stars before landing a show at TV5. They are composed of Charlie Sutcliffe, Brian Wilson, Daniel Marsh, Henry Edwards and Michael McDonnell. They are all ramp and commercial models.

So I watched all their videos under the YouTube channel of Island Media Asia and right now, I’m watching their videos under the Juan Direction channel. I saw their video of the Bacolod MassKara festival and it occurred to me that they are the cute guys that we saw in Bacolod!

So I opened my Picasa and searched my MassKara 2013 Festival pictures – and there they are, the Juan Direction boys! They really looked gorgeous in person, specially Henry and Charlie. I hope to see them again in person soon – this time, I’ll take more pictures.


That’s Henry Edwards, Daniel Marsh and my favorite guy, Charlie Sutcliffe.


That’s Henry Edwards and Daniel Marsh.


The guys of Juan Direction joined the delegation of Brgy. Cabug.


So the cute guys that I saw in Bacolod City during the MassKara 2013 Festival is actually the guys of Juan Direction.


My favorite guy in Juan Direction is Charlie Sutcliffe. I really find him gorgeous and charming.


Daniel Marsh, Brian Wilson and Henry Edwards.

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