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Monday, December 30, 2013

The San Joaquin Cemetery, Iloilo

The San Joaquin Cemetery in Iloilo Province is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I’ve seen, as far as preservation is concern. It was build in 1892 and is located along the National Highway leading to the town of San Joaquin (from Iloilo City).


The main feature of the San Joaquin Cemetery is the mortuary chapel located in the center after climbing a flight of stairs. This chapel is octagon in design and is highlighted by the orange bricks that were used on it. The cemetery is also unique because of its main entrance, an arch with wrought-iron gates.

As for the details of the San Joaquin Cemetery mortuary chapel, it has circular windows at the façade and has a half-circle window on the main entrance. The wood used for the main entrance is interesting as well. It is also full with architectural details like moldings.


Details of the side windows of the San Joaquin Cemetery mortuary chapel.


Orange bricks were used extensively on the mortuary chapel of the San Joaquin Cemetery.


The details of the door of the mortuary chapel. I wonder what wood was used for this main entrance.


Details of the bas relief and moldings used at the entrance arch / gate of the San Joaquin Cemetery.


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