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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ragnarok’s Newest Server: New Iris

I was surprised to find out that today’s surprise for Philippine Ragnarok Online is a new server: New Iris. There is no definite date yet but it will be launch before this month’s end.

new iris

New Iris is a Free-2-Play (F2P) server (similar to New Loki, Valkyrie and Valhalla) and could be viewed as both good news and bad news.

The good news is, online players are rediscovering Philippine Ragnarok Online and it remains to be the main game being marketed by PlayWeb Games, Inc. (formerly Level Up! Games). This can also be a preparation for the expected return of former Ragnarok Players once major patches are released: namely Port Malaya and Samurai Era.

The bad news is, it could be another bot-infested server. This is a way for PlayWeb to monetize the game from hard-core Ragnarok players who wants fame in whatever means possible (including the use of 3rd party software also known as bots).

Whatever the reason why PlayWeb is releasing another F2P player, only the publisher knows. We will continue to support the game because of our friends we met through the game and because the game itself has a rich history and lots of features. Definitely New Iris would be another successful server (in terms of sheer number of players) and a competitor in the upcoming Ragnarok Championships.

Cheers PlayWeb and looking forward to new contents from our favorite online game – Ragnarok!

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