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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grand Parade (Part 1 of 3)

Finally, I was able to sort my recent pictures of the Panagbenga Festival into different folders like Burnham Park, The Mansion, Session Road, Camp John Hay, Baguio Cathedral, City Hall, Mines View Park, SM Baguio, Wright Park, Panagbenga Park, Volante, South Drive, Sizzling Plate, Upper Session Road and Grand Parade.

21-IMG_2481The highlight of the 17th Baguio Flower Festival Celebration (commonly referred to as the Panagbenga) is The Grand Parade along Session Road. This year, I’ve counted around 20 floats from major television channels, to products, establishments, clubs, pop culture, among others.

I’ve took around 208 pictures of The Grand Parade alone and thankfully, I was able to trimmed it down to 68. So I’ll be publishing these 68 pictures in 3 parts within the next few days. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures of The Grand Parade.

 01-IMG_2408 02-IMG_2420 03-IMG_2427 04-IMG_2429 05-IMG_2431 06-IMG_2433 07-IMG_2436 08-IMG_2437 09-IMG_2442 10-IMG_2444 11-IMG_2448 12-IMG_2449 13-IMG_2453 14-IMG_2454 15-IMG_2456 16-IMG_2457 17-IMG_2465 18-IMG_2472 19-IMG_2470 20-IMG_2475 

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