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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today’s Journal Entry

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February 6, 2012 – 12:22 AM

Last Saturday was my 5th date with Sef whom I fondly called #mysuper1 on Twitter.

We met at Powerbooks Greenbelt and he was wearing a brown polo. He has a new haircut (Mohawk)! He’ll be attending a pageant soon, thus the haircut for pictorial.

It’s my first time to be at Greenbelt 5 and my first time to watch a play. Prior to watching the play, we had burgers at Tokyo Tokyo.

The show’s name was “Next Fall”. It’s about the love story between the 40-something Adam and the young Luke. Adam is a candle salesman while Luke (at the time of their first meeting) was a waiter.

next fall

The most romantic scene of the play was the scene at the rooftop where they first met. It was Luke who fall in love with Adam first. Then they moved to their own place and shared a relationship that lasted 5 years, until Luke’s untimely death because of head injury. [We were a few minutes late and we failed to see the first scene of the play so we don’t know if Luke was hit by a car or have fallen from the stairs.]

Luke is a closet gay who promised Adam that he’ll tell his parents about their relationship next fall. He’s also a Christian who “prays after sex”. Adam is agnostic and would sometimes get into arguments with Luke because of the latter’s strong Christian faith.

In the end (after Luke’s death), Adam finally believed in what Luke said about Jesus.

Although the play is about Luke and Adam’s relationship, it also encompasses types of relationships: Adam’s relationship with his fag hag Holly, Luke’s relationship with his best friend Brandon, Luke’s relationship with his parents (especially with his dad Butch), etc. The play only stars 6 people to portray all these relationships.

[By the way, there is also a scene between Luke’s mother, Arlene and Adam. There is a huge Magen David in the background which suggests Arlene is Jewish.]

The play also presented scenes involving the 6 people and almost every combination possible: Adam and Arlene, Adam and Holly, Adam and Brandon, etc. You get the picture. Overall, I’m very happy to see this play.

After watching the play, we went to Toyz Bar at The Fort (Bonifacio Global City). We attended a Pre-Valentines party with my coworkers at the call center I’m working on. It’s nice to introduce Sef to my coworkers! We also met a member of the Azkals team, Misagh Bahadoran. He’s shorter in person and we can’t believe that Sef is taller. Misagh Bahadoran is indeed handsome and friendly. The party is worth attending because of him.

Sef and I ate Primavera and Al Forno (spaghettis) at the Pasto Café & Bar just below Toyz Bar. We had great time talking about the upcoming Baguio trip and other things.

We parted ways around 2AM. He went home to Parañaque and I went to work at PCC.

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