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Thursday, September 6, 2012

SM Mall of Asia (MoA) At Night

I practiced taking pictures at night (again) at the SM Mall of Asia (MoA) Esplanade. This place is packed with people! There are some rides that kids would definitely love to try. There’s also a fountain that is lit with colorful lights and a Ferris wheel at the far end of the MoA Esplanade.


There are kids inside large balloon balls playing on the swimming pool. The MoA Esplanade also has a zip line and there are a lot of mime artist on this part of Manila Bay. There’s a carousel and similar rides. I’m expecting that the number of people visiting this place would double in the coming months. I sure hope to visit this place soon to take more pictures.

By the way, I used long exposure (f/11 to f/18), slow shutter speed (6 seconds or more) and my Benro tripod in these pictures.


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