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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stalker Mode

One of the things I love about attending photography events is the opportunity to see cute guys. There are several cute guys that’s into photography these days and the best way to see them is through various photography workshops and events.


Last Sunday, I saw him again. He’s one of the several cute guys I’ve seen in photography events. Prior to the PiPho 7th Year Anniversary Celebration, I saw this cute guy on the Canon PhotoSkwela Workshop with David Guison.

How I wish I have a zoom lens so that I could stalk him more. I’m too shy to say “Hi” and asked for his name. He’ll probably freak out. So I turned on my stalker mode – taking snapshots of him during the event. Is this a bad thing? Taking pictures of cute guys you meet in photography events and posting their picture hoping that someone recognizes them and give you their name.

I hope these guys wouldn’t mind seeing their stolen shots on this blog. I simply find them cute and gorgeous and I’m hoping to get their names and Facebook emails.

How about you, when was the last time you’ve taken a stolen picture of a cute guy?


I first saw this cute guy at the Canon PhotoSkwela event at SM City Annex. He’s stylist and gorgeous. I’m hoping he’s also a blogger so that I could visit his blog.


Then I saw him again last Sunday. He’s with a girl. I’m hoping that she’s not his girlfriend and that he’s still single.

Here are other cute guys I’ve seen in past photography events:

face among the crowdIMG_4656

From the Quiapo Goes Anime event.


From the David Guison Workshop, one rainy afternoon.

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