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Sunday, September 30, 2012

In Pictures: 9th Anniversary Celebration of Ragnarok Online

I just got home from attending Ragnarok’s 9th Anniversary Celebration held at the Skydome, SM North EDSA. The event was a blast and jam-packed with loyal players from the country’s first MMORPG: Ragnarok Online.


The highlight of the celebration is the Ragnarok Philippine Championship (RPC) 2012 Final 8 Tournament. This event determines the two teams that will battle each other for the finals to be held at Level Up! Live 2012 on November 3-4, 2012 at the World Trace Center.

We arrived at the Skydome around 1:30 PM and witnessed the battle between Sentinels and Legion of Doom (L.O.D.) of New Loki server. Legion of Doom won. We also watched the battle between Lux Lucis (New Iris server) and Chromosomes where the latter became victorious. So the two teams that will compete for the finals are Legion of Doom and Chromosomes.

Sentinels and Lux Lucis also battled each other for 3rd place where Lux Lucis emerged victorious. There is also a new game that was introduced today: Brawl Busters. The website describe it as “a quick and wild, third-person fighting game set in a cartoony 3D urban world”. I guess it resembles R.O.S.E. Online. Check it out here:

There were a lot of cute guys in the Mr. Ragnarok 2012 competition! It started out as a popularity contest on Facebook similar to Mr. Pogi. The buffed guy in red definitely was a stand-out and he’s just 22 or 23 years old. Of course, most of the crowd cheered for the candidates of the Ms. Ragnarok 2012 and there was even a competition for the bekis (gays) called Chixilog ng Bayan 2012. Chixilog is usually a guy in real life that has a female character online.

Other events in today’s celebration include the Headgear Contest (there was a Poo Poo Hat) and Cosplay Competition which focuses only on Ragnarok characters.

We also witnessed the performance of Moonstar88 who sang “Senti”, “Panalangin”, “Sembreak”, and “Ligaw” (Lost). I first heard the band Moonstar88 when the Ragnarok patch “Amatsu and Kunlun” was released years ago. It came up with an audio album that featured a lot of songs for Ragnarok.

Kamikazee also performed “Narda”, “Martyr Nyebera”, “Doobidoo” and their signature song for Ragnarok Online, “Chixilog”. We sang with them in all their songs and their performance is definitely a blast. Most of the crowd stayed for this performance of Kamikazee and it’s worth it.

I hope to see you guys at the Level Up! Live next month. Until then and keep playing Ragnarok Online!


Taken around 1:30 PM. These are the loyal Ragnarok players. The crowd doubled and went wild when Kamikaze performed.


It’s Legion of Doom vs. Chromosomes in the finals!


Moonstar88 performing some of their hit songs. My eyes are glued on the guitarist. He’s such a cutie.


Some of the candidates for the Mr. Ragnarok 2012 competition.


The crowds definitely cheered for the Ms. Ragnarok 2012 candidates.


Kavog divah? Wagi! Smile


The candidates of Ms. Ragnarok 2012.


He’s the guy that represented our server, Valhalla.


He’s definitely an eye-candy, right?


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