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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ragnarok’s Episode 27: Bifrost Now On Sakray

The latest patch of Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) named Bifrost (Episode 27) is now up and running in the test server Sakray. A few weeks from now, it would be available in the commercial servers – New Chaos, Valhalla, Valkyrie, New Loki and New Iris.

episode 27 bifrost

Two of the most prominent feature of this new patch for Ragnarok Online is the New World Expansion (version 1.1) and the Byalan Dungeon Expansion. It’s been ages since I last visited Byalan Dungeon which is famous for monsters like Marc, Merman, Phen, Marse, etc.

After Episode 27: Bifrost comes another exciting patch: Episode 28: Samurai’s Era. Ragnarok Online continues to be a popular online game in the country because of its continued expansion and new contents, which are essential in keeping a game as old as Ragnarok Online alive.

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