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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Chaotic Paskotitap 2012

I just came home from watching the chaotic Paskotitap 2012. It’s a yearly event here in Pasig City which features the different high schools in the city in a dance competition. It incorporates street dancing, Christmas lights and floats.

IMG_9767Thank God I took pictures of the venue before the chaotic Paskotitap 2012 program started.

It started in 2007 and now on its 6th year celebration. It was spearheaded by the Mayor’s Office and co-presented by several non-government organizations and private corporations. This is my first time to see the competition and I can say that it’s – chaotic!

It’s chaotic because the venue is very small compared to the number of spectators. It was held in front of the City Hall and it was jam-packed with people. I managed to watch 3 high schools performed and although they’re very good with the choreography and props, the venue is inappropriate for the occasion.

I will not watch this competition again unless the City Government of Pasig realizes that the venue is very inappropriate for the occasion. I manage to take pictures of the venue BEFORE the chaotic competition started.

I heard Mayor Bobby Eusebio spoke of a vision to make Pasig City the Christmas season capital of the Philippines, if not Metro Manila. Well Mayor, unless you change the venue of the annual Paskotitap, you can just dream on.

IMG_9851 One of the floats in this years Paskotitap 2012


The City Hall of Pasig City before the chaotic Paskotitap 2012 competition started.


This is one of the lanterns that lit up Eusebio Avenue. I’ll post the other lanterns in the coming days.


Nice one!


The Pasig City Council – some of the people behind the chaotic Paskotitap 2012 celebration.


Participants to the chaotic Paskotitap 2012 competition.


It could have been better if the audience is not very close to the floats.

This is how the sidewalk looks like, even before the chaotic Paskotitap 2012 started.

IMG_9769 The venue really can’t handle such a crowd. There was even a lady who fainted before the chaotic Paskutitap 2012 program started.

To add insult to injury, the sound system was so bad; there were no first aid stations, no portalets, no water stations, no photographers’ station, etc. Surely, Mayor Bobby Eusebio knows all about this. He just needs to act on these.

This event is very far from being worthy of promoting on blogs. They even keep on mentioning the sponsors (which are mostly construction companies) and the LED displays. These sponsors should have provided the basic necessities first. After all, they keep on mentioning safety first.

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