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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bawal Mag-Swardspeak Dito (BMSD)

Yesterday, at our photography club’s monthly meeting, we had conversation about the people who rally on the streets and how they “can’t be satisfied” with all the presidents of the land. They literally protest all the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of all the recent presidents. We came to a conclusion that they are funded by the Leftist, the Communists and the Anarchist.

BMSD logo 2

My fellow club member also mentioned that one of the members of BMSD is trying to “tie” my opinion about them, with that of the FPPF, since I’m a member of a club that’s affiliated with the FPPF. My fellow club member advised that BMSD member that individual member’s opinion does not reflect the opinion of the FPPF. We are entitled (and responsible) for our own opinion.

I told him that I’ve been against BMSD before I became a member of FPPF. In fact, I was a former member of BMSD that got kicked out because they don’t want to accept my criticism of the group, and “bawal mag-swardspeak in their group (no gay lingo allowed). I actually learned that there are some Leftist and Communist members of their group and that they prey on newbie hobbyists photographers.

One of the proof of that statement about brain-washing these newbies is that their group founder and their Facebook moderators protests A LOT about the government – from House Bills to MRT/LRT fare hike. They’re like the online version of those who rally during SONA.

The other thing that I noticed about their group, it’s founder and some of the members, is that they have conflict of interest. While they “champion” for the photographer’s right to shoot anywhere in the Philippines, they also engage in businesses and directly advertise it on their Facebook group. It’s full of ads that have nothing to do with their so-called advocacy.

Not to mention that their group still doesn’t know how to accept constructive criticism. They still expel members who give comments that question the group’s achievements as far as their advocacy is concern. They still attack the character of the person, not address the questions being raised.

Recently, my post on Pinoy Photography about the recent BGC misinformation has earned a lot of comments on their FB group that I can’t answer since they banned me from joining. They keep on grilling me on their Facebook group but don’t give me the opportunity to reply. So let me use my blog to reply to some of their criticisms about me:

BMSD members 2

BMSD members 3

BMSD members

1. I just want traffic to my blog that is why I keep on attacking their group. I was actually intrigued at the number of their members on their Facebook group – more than 10,000. At one point, I wanted to know if these members are genuine or were just created to increase the figures of their membership (exaggerate). So if at least ¼ of those members would at least visit my blog once, I’ll get around 2,500 hits.

Checking my blog stats, the article about My Bad Experience With BMSD is NOT one of the top viewed articles on my blog. In fact, articles related to Ragnarok (which is also my passion) is the most viewed article on my blog.

Blog Stats May 2007-August 2013

If I want traffic to my blog, I should blog more about Ragnarok, Entertainment and Resorts since these topics really generate traffic.

So why invest time on creating another article about the BMSD if it’s not generating desired traffic? It’s because it’s my social responsibility to educate the public about groups that prey on newbie photographers like me and spread false advertisements.

In fact, I’ve been advising the public to go out and shoot. My blog is full of pictures of places in Metro Manila that I was able to take pictures without arguing with the guards. You just have to know whether the place is a public place or a private place and you just have to abide by the rules of these areas – ask for the necessary permits. There are no fees if you’re a hobbyist photographer like me.

  1. I have vendetta or “bitterness” against BMSD – False. I just want to educate newbie photographers that there is actually no fee if you’re going to shoot for personal use only. The arguments I had with BMSD over a year ago is history. I’ve already told the world about it. This is the 2nd time that I’ve blog about this group since they’ve been talking about me in their Facebook group and they’re not letting me answer their questions. They’re not letting me join their group for a discussion or exchange of ideas.
  2. That I’m an attention seeker – False. I wouldn’t be hiding in a pen name if I want attention to myself. In fact, I want people to visit my blog because of the things that I write or because of the pictures that I post.
  3. That I’m a security guard – False. I’m a call center agent but I understand the security guards and there is no point arguing with the guards because they are just following orders. This is one of the things that I’ve been telling the members of the BMSD – stop arguing with the guards but instead report them to the management if you feel that your right as a photographer was violated.

Now, look at these posts from their Facebook page and tell me if they’re not using their members for their marketing business and personal agendas:

BGC message 4


BMSD page 3


BGC message 6

BGC message 5

To the founder of Bawal Mag-Swardspeak Dito (BMSD), please accept my membership to your group so that I could reply to your criticism about me on your Facebook group. I hate using my blog to reply to your comments.

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