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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Honesty of a Zagu Cashier

Yesterday afternoon, I bought the Hazelnut Cappuccino Grande from Zagu SM Megamall (near the Supermarket). I added extra pearls for a total of P56. I gave the cashier a P1,000 bill, got the change and without counting it, shoved it inside my wallet.


While inside the FX on my way home to Pasig, I realized that I’m missing P500. It occurred to me that the Zagu cashier probably thought I gave a P500 bill so she only gave me P444 as change. I’m running late for an appointment with my photography friend and If I go back to SM Megamall, it would take me an hour.

There is also no guarantee that the cashier would acknowledge her mistake. It’s my responsibility to count my change before leaving the counter. She can simply insist that she gave me the correct amount and I have no evidence to prove otherwise.

So I went to the website of Zagu, got their mobile phone numbers, sent them text messages and also sent a message via their Facebook page. Their Contact-Us-Via-Email form on their website is not working by the way. I told them what happened and gave the OR#232768. I was expecting for the best but I already expected the worst.

This morning, I received a call from one of their managers and confirmed that the cashier made a mistake and was expecting me to return for the change. I went back to SM Megamall this morning, got my P500 bill, thank Mary Jane, and bought their latest Mango-flavor Zagu.

I’ve been a Zagu customer for years and I appreciate the honesty of their employees. Indeed, Zagu would be around for so long because of their quality shakes and honest employees like Mary Jane, the cashier.

Thanks again Zagu!

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