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Monday, August 26, 2013

I Was At The Million People March

I just came home from attending The Million People March, which demands the abolition of the Philippine Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) a.k.a. Pork Barrel. It was held in front of the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park (Luneta).


It was attended by militant groups, bikers, photographers, media personnel, students, religious groups, the MMDA, the Red Cross, and other civic organizations, who believe that the Pork Barrel is a big source of corruption. It was a peaceful gathering of Filipinos who believe in upholding the truth.

The Million People March is also a time for bonding with family and friends, and doing what is right as taxpayers of the country. This event shows the people’s dismay over the seemingly-hopeless corruption in the government.

The thing about this rally (gathering) is that most people used white shirts and no banners, which was the reminder of those who initiated this event. Most of their anti-PDAF sentiments and messages were on their shirts. It was a silent protest but the message was very clear – the government needs to abolish (not rename) the PDAF and all those who abused this fund needs to be on trial (Senators and Congressmen in the Pork Barrel Fund Scam).

There are some groups though that wore black, red and other colors and carried big banners, tarpaulins and effigies – the same group of people who marched from Luneta to Mendiola to continue their usual rally against the government. Only this time, under a new battle cry – Scrap the Pork Barrel, “Makibaka, ‘Wag Mag-Baboy”, among others.

Overall, The Million People March was peaceful and I’ve signed signature campaigns from several groups (including demanding the removal of the Pork Barrel. If the President really sees the people as his Boss, he should do all he can to obey the Will of the People.

I am ELMER. I’m a Filipino.

I pay my taxes, on-time and in full.

YOU, my government, owe me a full explanation!


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