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Friday, August 23, 2013

uEDGE Clearly Doesn’t Have The Edge

Let me share with you the unpleasant experience I had with uEDGE – a maker of calling cards.

Nine days ago I asked them to print my business card. It’s my first time to have my business card printed professionally. In the past, I design (and print) my own calling cards using Adobe PageMaker and Print Artist.

uEDGE brochure

Look at the brochure of uEDGE – there’s no mention about an extra price for the printing of the QR Code at the back of the card!

The price of uEDGE’s basic calling cards is P345 for 100 pieces. I’ve read the brochure and been shown the sample and it clearly shown that there’s QR Code at the back of the sample. So I picked up a design from their sample portfolio and asked the store attendant to design a similar one.

The sample was printed and I forgot to look at the back of it for the QR Code thinking that it would be there like the sample. After about 6 hours, I got the cards – without the QR Code at the back! I asked the store attendant about it and it was only then that I was advised that there’s an additional P100 for printing the QR Code at the back. The sample that was presented to me (for the P345 package) clearly has a QR Code at the back of it.

Instead of arguing with the SM Megamall store attendant, I emailed the uEDGE customer service the same day telling them what happened. They assured me that they’ll investigate on the matter. Up to now they are still investigating the matter!

I’ve demanded some compensation for the missing information on the brochure (a note saying that printing of the QR Code on the back would have additional fee), the wrong sample, and the inability of their store personnel to inform me about the “hidden charges”.

uEDGE policy

Clearly, uEDGE doesn’t live up to their policy of providing prompt action from management. As of this time, they still haven’t sent me a copy of the investigation that they did.

After a series of communications via email, they offered to reprint only 50 pieces of my calling cards on the condition that I will return 50 pieces of the printed ones and that the QR Code will be printed on front. I settled for this offer so that I could put this bad experience with uEDGE behind. However, I will never have my next batch of calling cards printed by uEDGE again.

uEDGE doesn’t live up to their promise of fast resolution to complaints and their brochure and samples are misleading. In fact, when I asked the store personnel to print the same design as what was on the sample portfolio, she can’t reproduce it. She opened Google and asked me to select a similar picture.

uEDGE Megamall 2

The girl in blue inefficiently printed my calling card while the lady with the “V” sign is the store supervisor, Wendy. It took her 3 prints before she could get the correct size of the QR Code that is readable by her Nokia smartphone. It’s like a trial-and-error when it comes to printing the QR Code.

When the SM Megamall branch supervisor Wendy re-printed my card with QR Code on it, it took her 3 prints of the sample before the QR Code worked on her Nokia phone. I just pointed to one of their samples and told her that the QR Code’s size would be similar to their sample. They don’t have standards on the design that’s readily available on their computer for faster reproduction. They would start again from scratch as if someone else did the designs on their display and portfolio.

uEDGE really doesn’t have the edge when it comes to customer service and after-sales support. We’re not even talking about the quality of the print that easily washes away by moisture as if printed by an entry level, home printer.

Pictures taken from their website.

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