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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ragnarok’s Episode 28.2 Kagerou and Oboro

The Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) released today the much-awaited 2nd job of the Ninja Class: Kagerou and Oboro. The pRO is now on its Episode 28.2 and promises to attract inactive players (like me) back to the First MMORPG in the Philippines: Ragnarok Online.

Hopefully, the source of my disappointment with the management of Level-Up Games! (the bad customer service of GM Anael) is permanently gone from managing the game.

Second thing, I’m hoping that the game is now compatible with Windows 8.1. In October (or November) last year when the latest Operating System (OS) from Microsoft was released, it encountered incompatibility with the game like the inability to change the screen size. Hopefully this issue is finally addressed.

Episode 28.2 Kagerou and Oboro was long overdue. It was announced by LUG as early as 2012 but finally, after waiting for so long, it’s finally here. I have 3 Ninjas waiting to Level Up.

Episode 28.2 Kagerou and Oboro

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