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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City

Jaro Cathedral is located in the district of Jaro (Iloilo City) in the island of Panay in the Visayas region of the Philippines. My first time to visit Jaro Cathedral was October 23, 2013 – a few days after attending the MassKara Festival 2013 in Bacolod City. Iloilo Province and Bacolod City is just an hour away from each other by a fast craft boat (ferry).


The formal name of the Jaro Cathedral is Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Candles (in Spanish: Santuario Nacional de Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria). Across the street, you’ll find the Old Belfry of the Jaro Cathedral.

The marker of the Jaro Cathedral reads (in Filipino):

Ang Katedral ng Jaro, Iloilo

Itinayo noong 1874 sa utos ng Kgg. Mariano Cuartero, O.P., Unang Obispo ng Jaro; napinsala ng lindol noong Enero, 1948 at ipinaayos sa utos ng Kgg. Jose Ma. Cuenco, unang arsobispo ng Jaro, 1956. Dito bininyagan si Graciano Lopez Jaena, makabayan at mananalumpati, noong Disyembre 20, 1856.

To my foreign friends, it’s roughly translated as:

The Cathedral of Jaro, Iloilo

Built in 1874 by orders of Honorable Mariano Cuartero, Order of Preachers (O.P.), First Bishop of Jaro. Damaged by an earthquake in January 1948 and was rebuilt by orders of Honorable Jose Maria Cuenco, First Archbishop of Jaro, in 1956. Graciano Lopez Jaena, patriot and statesman, was baptized here in December 20, 1856.

If you’re going to attend the Dinagyang Festival 2014 (January 24-26, 2014), make sure that you’ll make the most out of your visit to Iloilo by visiting Jaro Cathedral and the several other old churches in the Province of Iloilo.


The Old Belfry, Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City.


Details of the bricks used on the Old Belfry.


Details of the arch of the Old Belfry.


Details of the stones used on the Jaro Cathedral.


The nearby seminary called Pius XII Institute of Catechetical and Social Studies.


The stairs leading to the image of Our Lady of Candles.


The Old Belfry located across the street.


Our Lady of Candles


The main façade of the Jaro Cathedral.


Colorful candles being sold at the entrance of the Jaro Cathedral. Each candle has a different meaning/purpose.


The main altar of the Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City


Another ancestral house located a few meters from Jaro Cathedral.


The Old Belfry (bell tower) of the Jaro Cathedral located across the street.


An old house located a few meters from the Jaro Cathedral.


This is another religious building located a few meters from the Jaro Cathedral.


This old house is located a few meters from the Jaro Cathedral.

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