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Friday, May 11, 2012

My Favorite Amazing Race Team

I am so sorry for the lack of update about my relationship with Glenn. Don’t worry, everything is okay between us. Our relationship is getting stronger and we’ll be celebrating our 2nd monthsary next week (every 18th).


BTW, this blog post is about my favorite team on The Amazing Race. Yup, you’re probably tired about hearing this US TV show which I’ve been blogging the past few days. If you’re my Facebook friend, you probably unfriend me already. My recent wall posts are all about The Amazing Race.

Yup, my TV marathon of this award-winning reality game is still on. I just finished the finale of Season 20 (Rachel and Dave won) and I already finished watching Season 19 down to 16. I’m now downloading Seasons 12-15. I’ve been watching the re-runs every day for more than a week now.


So far, my favorite team from Seasons 16-20 is “The Cowboys” – brothers Jet and Cord McCoy. They are the coolest real cowboys I’ve ever seen on TV! I watched The Amazing Race backwards – from Season 20 down to Season 16. I first saw them on Season 18 when they returned to race for the 2nd time. Well, I first notice them because they’re cute and they remind me of Brokeback Mountain because of the cowboy hats. They’re both straight by the way and they are brothers.


I wasn’t impressed with their performance in Leg 1 (Season 18) when they landed 11th place. They were slowed down by the puzzle on decoding messages using nautical flags. I thought they’re cute and strong but no strategy or intellect. My impression changed during the entire Season 18.

The Cowboys Jet and Cord McCoy proved to be an independent team. They do their own business and they don’t quarrel with each other. They don’t curse and they don’t explode in anger over disappointments. They are very competitive, resilience and they don’t argue with other teams. They hold the title of the first team that came from last place from one leg to become the 1st placer in the following leg.

I love everything about Jet and Cord. They play the game fairly and they didn’t resort to dirty tactic. I love their accent! I also love their expression when they’re happy (“Sweet!”), their expression when they’re sad (“Oh my gravy!”), and their expression when they’re about to start the game (“Saddle up!”). I also love their smile and their positive attitude to finish the game.

So after watching Season 18 (where The Cowboys from Oklahoma got U-Turned, eliminated, and landed 6th place), I watched Season 16 (where they ended 2nd place). I saw how they acquire skills very fast like making noodles with ease, balance a huge flagpole in the forehead, and learn to beat the drum fast. They have no problems with navigation, swimming, running, biking, giving directions, manual labor, and of course, throwing the lasso!

They don’t speak much and don’t put so much drama on TV. They’ve very calm in facing their road block and very gentlemen in every way, including dressing up well. I admire their signature cowboy hat and I love it when one of the cowboys’ bungee jump with his cowboy hat on. Like he said, a true cowboy hat doesn’t slip from one’s head.

They truly inspire me to be quiet, calm and be a deadly opponent to beat. I want to be a real cowboy like them.

73456372-cowboys-jet4815880281_dbf37a285d_zamazing-2THE AMAZING RACE 16


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