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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Exclusive Screening of “Taken 2” From Kojie-San Men

I was privilege to watch “Taken 2” at the Cineplex Cinema 2 of Shangri-La EDSA last Friday courtesy of Kojie-San Men and Nuffnang PH. This is the sequel to the highly successful 2008 film “Taken” starring Liam Neeson.

taken 2

I haven’t watched the first movie when we watched “Taken 2” but I was awed by Neeson’s character. He’s as deadly as Jason Bourne and truly embodies what a guy should be – a good provided (to his daughter), punctual, has close attention to detail, observant and can defend himself in a fight.

I was blown-away but his character’s sense of hearing that he was able to observe everything around him even if his head is covered. He also gave very precise instructions over the phone (to his daughter) – a trait that agents like me should possess. He’s also very resourceful and calm even on situations that seem to be hopeless.


John Spainhour, the brand ambassador of Kojie-San Men, also watched the movie with us. I also saw Chuckie Dreyfus as one of the contestants in the game prior to watching the movie.


The perks of being a Nuffnang blogger

What I love about the movie is the story – father and daughter relationship, relationship with ex-wife (very cordial) – and the location (Istanbul, Turkey). Their hotel happens to be very near the Hagia Sophia, which is truly an icon of Turkey. I also love the car-chase scene which rivals that of the Fast and Furious series. The movie also gives emphasis on the importance of having a driver’s license and how strict it should be (unlike what LTO is doing).

What I don’t like about the story is that it somehow has a negative connotation about Muslims. The members of the kidnapping gang were Albanian Muslims and they even greeted each other in Arabic (“Assalamu alaikum”). I also don’t like the fight scenes that much since the camera effect was blurry for me. Other than that, it’s a great movie for all the guys out there who need to be reminded on what a true guy really should be.

I’m a fan of action movies like this and it’s indeed worth watching. What’s the last action movie that you watched?

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