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Monday, October 29, 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

One of the “What If” questions that were asked to me before was "If you could be a woman for a day, what would you do?"


It would definitely be fun to be a woman for a day and try products used by most women

Since it's just one day, I’ll spare myself from giving birth or lactating a baby. I'll probably spend it with other things that are unique to most women – and that includes using the products endorsed by Kim Chu and Sarah Geronimo.

I would also love to try a woman's love for shopping, cooking, fashion, wearing a bridal gown and wearing sexy lingerie. So probably in the morning, I'll take a long bath and explore the contours of my new sexy body. I'll probably use all those beauty products that are marketed exclusively for woman -- from lipstick to feminine wash!

I'll also cook breakfast and dinner and have a great time eating with my parents or boyfriend. In the afternoon, I'll go shopping in high heels! I'll wear sexy skirt and carry a signature bag complete with the kikay kit. I'll also buy a very beautiful wedding dress which I'll use for an afternoon photo-shoot. It will be dream-come-true for a woman to have a very fashionable pre-nuptial wedding shoot in Intramuros, Wildlife or probably Vigan or Paoay.

Wacoal Ages

Wacoal products could make women of all ages be more beautiful

Then in the evening, I'll wear all the sexy clothes and lingerie that I could find in the store. I'll buy Wacoal products that caters to woman of all ages. Since I'm already 35 years old, I'll wear the type that would bring out the sexiness in my new body.

How can I be body beautiful at age 35 with Wacoal? By choosing their product that would best compliment my body size, hips and cleavage. Take note -- Wacoal is the leading manufacturer of women’s intimate apparel in Japan and their products are made from high quality fabrics and materials. It definitely looks stunning on a women’s body!


I love the contour of this T-shirt bra and the low-rise style of undies

I browse through their website and found the IB 5662 (Three-quarter cup T-shirt bra that’s thickly padded and ideal to get the cleavage effect) and the IP 5662 (low-rise panty) combination. The color is also perfect for me since I love the shade of purple. By wearing this lingerie, I could definitely achieve the goal of having a body beautiful at age 35.

Wacoal Product

Visit today to know more about their products

I'll probably end the day with making love to a guy that I love to make my 1 day, as a woman, complete.

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