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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy 150th Birthday Ka Andres Bonifacio!

This Saturday, we’ll be celebrating the 150th Birthday of Ka Andres Bonifacio, the Father of Katipunan. Frankly, I almost forgot the biography of Andres Bonifacio. I only know him as the one who led the 1896 Revolution.


Fortunately, a lot of NGOs are gearing up to re-educate the Filipino people on who Andres Bonifacio was. GMA 7 is also doing their share in re-educating the public on the life of Ka Andres Bonifacio through their new TV series “Katipunan”.

I would definitely devote November 30, 2013 in re-studying the life of Andres Bonifacio through attending the various activities on that date. I would also take pictures of the celebration as a way of acknowledging his role in the revolution that eventually led to the Philippine Independence.

The Bonifacio Global City (BGC), which is named after Ka Andres Bonifacio, will also have the “BGC Passionfest 2013.” It’s a 3-day fiesta that will start on Friday, November 29, 2013.

Rappler gave suggestions on how to celebrate the 150th Birthday of Andres Bonifacio.

Happy 150th Birthday, Ka Andres Bonifacio!

Happy 150th Birthday Ka Andres Bonifacio!

I learned from this video that the famous trademark (attire) of Andres Bonifacio was painted by Carlos “Botong” Francisco while his Barong-Tagalog attire (in his Balintawak monument) was conceptualized by Guillermo Tolentino.

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