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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tigbauan Church, Iloilo

One of the most impressive churches I’ve seen in Iloilo province is the Tigbauan Church. Tigbauan is a town located south of Iloilo City after the town of Oton.


The main entrance to the church has a very elaborate design that is similar to Miag-ao Church. The interior of the church is very impressive with its mosaic scenes from the Holy Bible. The ceiling is simple and the trusses are exposed.

The main altar depicts The Last Judgment while the side altars depicts the different Marian Apparitions like that in Guadalupe, Lourdes and Fatima and also portrays the life of Mary, Mother of Jesus.

The marker inside the church states that:

“Parish of St. John of Sahagun

Tigbauan, Iloilo


This Church is dedicated to the People of God, who, guided by the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of our most loving Mother, Mary, contributed their resources to have a beautiful house of worship for our Creator.

To the parishioners of Tigbauan and the devotees of Senor Santo Nino and San Juan de Sahagun, with their Parish Priest.

Rev. Fr. Eleuterio Rojo Carton, who endowed with his God-given artistic flair took the role as art director and art connoisseur in reconstructing and redesigning its interior, together with

The Most Reverend Archbishop Alberto J. Piamonte, Archbishop of Jaro, who inspired the parishioners to generously support its reconstruction.

This reconstructed Church is blessed this 3rd day of February in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and ninety seven.”

Truly, the Tigbauan Church, formally known as St. John of Sahagun Parish, is worth visiting while you’re in Iloilo.


The main door of Tigbauan Church.


Details of the stone carving on the church’s façade.


Details of the exterior wall of the Tigbauan Church.


The ceiling and trusses of the Tigbauan Church.


The main altar of the Tigbauan Church.


The interior of Tigbauan Church in Iloilo Province.


The right wing of the church depicting different Marian Apparitions.


Details of the walls.


Details of the mosaic used to create the different pictures.


Our Lady of Lourdes, depicted using mosaics.


Details of the column inside the Tigbauan Church.


The main door of the Tigbauan Church, taken from the inside.


The arch leading to the baptistery.


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