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Sunday, November 17, 2013

World Vision Philippines

In the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, a lot of people responded by sending out donations in cash and in kind. A lot of NGOs are asking for donations and there are a lot of groups organizing different activities to help our fellow Filipinos in the Visayas. Amidst all these NGOs and groups, to whom will you trust your donation?

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I’m not new with this kind of tragedy and Acts of God although my experience is not as severe as of the people of Tacloban. I was also a victim of typhoons by the names of Ondoy and Haikui (that enhanced the Habagat in 2012). We were flooded here at Nagpayong, Pasig City. Ondoy was the worst of the two since floods in Pasig City took a month before it subsided. Good thing I have my brother in Palatiw to ask help and to be our temporary host for 1 month.

I never had the need to go to an evacuation center and ask some relief goods from the government. Yet, I did receive a donation delivered here at home, without any fuss or media coverage. It was donation/relief goods from World Vision Philippines. It was the first relief goods I’ve ever received in my life – and I didn’t even ask for it.

From that experience, I believed that donations send through World Vision Philippines is really received by the people in need. So if you’re in the mood to send donations, I would strongly suggest that you course it through World Vision Philippines. Donations delivered. Guaranteed.

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