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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bad Customer Service of GM Anael (Again)

I really don’t understand why GM Anael is still connected with Level Up! Games (LUG) now Playweb. This is the second time that I received a very bad customer service from him.

Last September 20, I attended the Midgard Congress hoping to get good news about the game that I’ve been playing for more than 10 years now. It was a pathetic meeting conducted by GM Anael. I haven’t received the prize that was guaranteed to the attendees. Worst, whenever I make a follow-up regarding this issue, I get the worst customer service reply.

I would stop playing pRO now and stop attending its activities until GM Anael is removed from managing the game. Definitely, GM Anael is the worst GM pRO ever had.

GM Anael Part 2 b

GM Anael Part 2


A few minutes after I post my complaint against him, he sent me a message informing me that the prizes were already awarded. This clearly shows that he’s not really doing his job as a GM. He’s giving conflicting statements!

8:21 PM – GM Anael said that the tool is down and that my prizes were not yet awarded

9:59 PM – He said that my prize was awarded since yesterday. (After I posted my complaint)

To the management of Playweb (the publisher of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines), I would highly suggest to review GM Anael’s behavior and attitude in responding to a paying customer’s questions and complaints. He clearly lacks customer service skills.

GM Anael complaint

GM Anael complaint 2

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