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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disqus 2012 To Be Launched Tomorrow

disqus 2012 logoI’m an avid fan of Disqus and I’ve listed down 9 Reasons To Use Disqus in a blog or website. What’s more exciting is that they’ll be launching Disqus 2012 tomorrow and it promises to bring more features and improvements to our favorite discussion platform.


Check out the new features of Disqus 2012 in this video.

Here are some of the new and improved features of Disqus 2012.

1. New Look – now you have the Discussion (current comments), Community and My Disqus (preferences)

disqus 2

2. Like has been renamed to Votes and offers easier way to reply to blog postsdisqus 4

3. Community – top discussions from other blogs and websites

disqus 5

4. Easier to manage and delete SPAM Comments.

disqus 6

5. Most Liked Comments

disqus 7

6. Share comments to Facebook and Twitter

7. Easier to share links and news/articles

8. Disqus comments are compatible and can be viewed in tablets and smartphones

9. Provides detailed analytics (stats) by day, week or month.

10. Gives percentage on how many comments are approved, SPAM, killed or unapproved

11. Show Most Replied-To Comments

Try the new Disqus 2012 now and enjoy these and other benefits. I would definitely switch to Disqus 2012 on all my other blogs starting tomorrow.

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