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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Level Up! Live 2012 Day 1

I just came home from World Trade Center in Pasay City. I attended the annual Level Up! Live 2012 Day 1. I was there around 3PM and I missed most of the events in the morning but nonetheless, it’s good to see familiar faces (Ragnarok friends) and to see cosplayers, and game enthusiasts.

IMG_8810 World Trade Center in Pasay City. The venue of the yearly Level Up! Live event

This year’s Level Up! Live 2012 definitely have more activities since e-Games and Level Up! Games (LUG) merged. Aside from the usual games like Ragnarok, Grand Chase, Flyff, Rohan, and Perfect World, I was able to see events by Brawl Busters, Cabal Online, Ran Online, Eligium and Audition.

Day 1 ended by awarding the very first Ms. Level Up title, which goes to the representative from Grand Chase. Most of the games currently published by Level Up has a representative. Our very own Ms. Ragnarok, as well as Ms. Perfect World, became 2nd runner up followed by Ms. Cabal (1st runner up). The title of Ms. Level Up eventually went to Ms. Grand Chase. JC Cuadrado of Studio 23 co-hosted the event along with GM Tristan.

This year was also the first time that Level Up came with an LU Toy Market which is a small version of the Toy Con. A lot of popular toys, action figures and fashion items that are not based on the games of Level Up were sold.

There’s also the LU City wherein guilds from different Level Up games sold items that are game-related. Our very own Ragnarok guild had our own booth called Bubbles and Sweets (booth #1) sold stickers, pins and collectible Poring-family items. Our booth also became a meeting place for players of Ragnarok (Valhalla server) to meet and greet.

This year’s Level Up 2012 coincides with the Ragnarok World Championship (RWC) 2012 being held in South Korea. I’ve heard that Team Pilipinas already defeated Korea and USA. A large screen was allotted to Ragnarok enthusiasts to watch the live telecast of RWC 2012. As of writing this blog article, Team Pilipinas finished 3rd place in the Ragnarok World Championship 2012.

I also saw familiar sponsors like No Fear, PC Express, PLDT myDSL, and first time sponsors and Cobra Energy Drink, TV 5 (promoting The Amazing Race Philippines) and Cebuana Lhuillier were also present.

See you again tomorrow for Day 2 of Level Up! Live 2012.

IMG_8916 JC Cuadrado along with the candidates of the first ever Ms. Level Up 2012

IMG_8811 IMG_8816 IMG_8818 IMG_8829 The iconic Poring from Ragnarok Online

IMG_8831 IMG_8839 Poporing from Ragnarok Online.

IMG_8850 Cosplayers from the anime Naruto

IMG_8853 IMG_8856 GM Tristan along with GMs from different LU games

IMG_8858 IMG_8861 Ms. Flyff

IMG_8862 Ms. Ragnarok wearing an Arch Bishop costume

IMG_8863 Is that a Baphomet horn?

IMG_8867 IMG_8869 IMG_8870 Different games (side event) from different online games

IMG_8873 Ragnarok enthusiasts watching the live streaming of Ragnarok World Championship 2012 in South Korea

IMG_8876 IMG_8878 Different booths in LU City from different guilds in-game

IMG_8880 Ragnarok pick-up lines

IMG_8882 First ever LU City Toy  MarketIMG_8885Different emoticons from Ragnarok Online

IMG_8886Poring-inspired hat

IMG_8891 IMG_8893Different games published by Level Up

IMG_8895 IMG_8897GM Tristan

IMG_8898Cosplayer wearing an Anubis headgear and a Ragnarok Arch Bishop

IMG_8901 IMG_8902 IMG_8905 The muses of different Level Up games.

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