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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bad Customer Service of GM Anael (Level Up! Games)

I’m a Ragnarok player and I’ve been playing since 2003 non-stop. I never quitted the game and I’ve seen all the servers and episodes of this game. I started at Loki server in 2003 and I’ve played in Sarah, Lydia and now I’m a resident of Valhalla (former Thor).

IMG_4121 The picture of GM Anael I took in one of the LUG events

When I played in 2003, there were only 3 servers – Chaos, Loki and Iris. Then they opened Odin and Fenrir followed by Sarah, Lydia, Urdr, Thor and Valkyrie. The servers combined and formed Tyr, Freya and Baldur and eventually formed a single Pay-to-Play (P2P) server named New Chaos. Thor was re-launched as Valhalla and LUG added new servers like New Loki and New Iris. I’ve also seen all the patches from Comodo to Revolution.

I’ve seen GMs come and go. One of the current GM of LUG is Anael. I’ve seen him once in person but I don’t usually interact with GMs unless I needed help in game. A few weeks ago, my characters got stuck in a map and filed a ticket for assistance. It’s taking a while for the resolution of the problem, so when GM Anael went online on his Facebook account, I asked for help.

He was probably in a bad mood so I was really pissed off with his answer. I remember the story of Robert Blair Carabuena when he assaulted an MMDA official. He was out of the office and was on his personal time but the name of his company, Philip Morris, was dragged into the issue. Although GM Anael was not on his official duty at Level Up! Games, he still represents his company because he’s associated with it. Gamers like me are familiar with him as someone that works for LUG.

So I filed a complaint against GM Anael via LUG’s support website but like the previous tickets that I filed regarding bugs and bots, that complaint was close without any resolution. I really hate to use my blog but this is the only way for me to let Level Up! Games know that I’m pissed off at their employee, GM Anael. I hope that somehow this blog entry would be read by Ben Colayco and reprimand his GM regarding this matter.

I’m asking this as a loyal Ragnarok player.

 gm anael gm anael 2 gm anael 3

report GM anael

What’s your bad customer service story?

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