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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chews 4 Health International

Let me share with you guys a new and easy way to stay healthy. This article was sent to me by a good friend working for Chews 4 Health and it’s very informative.


Very soon, pills, powdered supplements and blended fruit extracts will be a thing of the past. Currently sweeping the U.S. is the highly acclaimed 4th generation nutritional supplement called CHEWS4HEALTH. Doctor-formulated CHEWS is a natural, delicious-tasting chewable food supplement which contains nutrient-rich sources obtained from all over the world: 4 super fruit complex, 4 sea vegetable blends, 4 super anti-oxidants and 4 select fruit concentrates – a very powerful synergy of 16 ingredients, which is equivalent to eating 9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

CHEWS is not altered chemically or a genetically modified food. Rather it is an all-natural, certified organic whole food, so it’s alive! CHEWS has the highest content of nature’s phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, antioxidants. Based on over 100 epidemiological studies, CHEWS is proven to have therapeutic effect on numerous chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

The very reason why CHEWS comes in a chewable flat tablet form is because that’s the way food should be taken in. In case you didn’t know, digestion actually begins at the mouth. The moment you put food in your mouth – when you munch, chomp, grind, chew your food – you are breaking down the nutrients, proteins, fats, carbohydrates to enable your body to absorb them easier. Food and drink must be changed into smaller molecules of nutrients before they can be absorbed into the blood and carried to cells throughout the body. Digestion therefore, is the process by which food and drink are broken down into their smallest parts so that the body can use them to build and nourish cells and to provide energy.


The Integrated Biomolecule Corporation, a well-known pharmaceutical lab in the U.S. made numerous testing on the dissolvability of 17 brand names vitamins sold in the market today and found that NONE of those products were considered fully dissolved – within two hours and others still even after 12 hours. In gulping down pills or powdered dietary supplements, the digestion process is taken out and your body will never be able to truly absorb the claimed nutrients as they are not dissolved. X-rays have shown how dietary pills, the so-called “bedpan bullets” swallowed remain stuck in the colon or the intestinal tract. As they say, you are what you absorb. In comparison, oral supplements are about 10% bioavailable, while CHEWS (a sublingual/chewable supplement), is 90% more bioavailable. It also has peak blood level time of only 15 minutes and that is 6x faster than ordinary health supplements with peak blood time of about one and a half hours.

One CHEWS chewable tablet contains all the potent nutrients of : 4 SUPERFOODS – Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Noni; 4 SEA VEGETABLES BLEND – kelp, nori, dulse, bladderwrack; 4 SUPERANTIOXIDANT MIX – Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA), Resveratrol, folic Acid, Vitamin B12; 4 SELECTFRUIT CONCENTRATES – Raspberry, cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate. Once CHEWS is dissolved under your tongue, it directly enters your bloodstream via capillaries that are under your tongue, bypassing digestion. This results in a faster delivery of the absorbed supplement and because CHEWS supplement is taken via the sublingual route it remains in contact with the mucous membranes for a longer time, the absorption of the powerful nutrients are increased.


CHEWS 4 HEALTH was established in July 4, 2008 by its founder and formulator the renowned Dr. David Friedman. Its headquarters and 15,000 SF facility is located in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

CHEWS 4 HEALTH is rated “A” by the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). For more information, call CHEWS hotline.

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