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Friday, May 4, 2012

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman

In high school, we have our code names. We’re 15 guys in class and each of us selected a Marvel character as our code name. Some selected Vision, Thor, Mister Fantastic, Silver Surfer, Cloak, etc. I selected Spiderman. I believe he’s one of the coolest and most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe.


What makes Spiderman powerful is his “spider sense”. As far as I know, he’s the only superhero who has an “early warning device”. He can sense if there is an enemy in the vicinity. What could be cooler than that? Not to mention that his very agile and can dodge most attacks.

When the Spiderman movie (starring Tobey Maguire) was released, I was a bit disappointed because his web is organic. It comes from his own body through a hole in his wrist. In the comic book series, his web is a product of his intellect. He did the formula of his web which he shoots using a mechanical device known as the web-slinger.

andrew-garfield-2012-tony-awards-meet-the-nominees-05 andrew-garfield-2012-tony-awards-meet-the-nominees-01

Now that a reboot is on the way (starring Andrew Garfield), I’m looking forward to seeing his web-slinger. It’s one of the features of this movie-reboot that I’m really expecting to see. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

web-slinger 3 web-slinger web-slinger 2

Web-slinger picture source.

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