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Sunday, May 20, 2012

My American Idol Season 11 Winner

I’m not an avid fan of American Idol. In fact, I don’t watch musical TV shows that much. The only time that I watched American Idol was during the finals of David Cook versus David Archuleta and Kris Allen versus Adam Lambert. After that, I’ve heard that Scotty McCreery won Season 10.

phillip-phillips-jessica-sanchez-pHowever, I can’t help but predict and cast my own vote on who is going to be the American Idol for Season 11. It’s all over the news! This season is extra special because this is the farthest a Filipino-American has ever reached this very popular singing contest.

Jessica Sanchez was featured in The Buzz today and I’ve learned that her mom is from Bataan. Her aunt was interviewed and I’ve learned that their entire clan is rejoicing for her and proud of her. Well, they should be. It’s not easy to be in the finals of American Idol. For that, Jessica Sanchez earned my admiration for being a very talented Filipino-American.

jessica-sanchezSo my curiosity on how good her voice is took me as far as downloading the last episode of American Idol. Today is the first time that I’ve seen her performance and I agree to most Filipinos that she definitely has the voice to launch her career in the music industry. One of the judges even commented that she should sing in The Grammys and I agree to that.

However, being gay, my vote would be on Phillip Phillips. I am predicting that he would win the American Idol Season 11. Although his voice is inferior to Jessica Sanchez, his talent with the guitar, his good looks, and his sex appeal would definitely add to his voice and would be more marketable with the voting population. He definitely have the majority of the votes from the gay community (just my two cents) and the female audience as well. He took my breath away by his performance of “We’ve Got Tonight”.

philip philipsI believe this coming Season Finale would be a repeat of what happened between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. The moment I saw Kris Allen, I knew that he’ll win the American Idol Season 8 because he’s more marketable than the more-talented Adam Lambert.

Final words: if I would only listen to the song on my iTunes, Jessica Sanchez would definitely be a winner. However, since being in the music industry means appearing in MTV, YouTube and concerts, I definitely believe that Phillip Phillips have the overall appeal of a Season 11 winner. He’s the winner for me.

Who’s your American Idol Season 11 winner?

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