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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Digital Photographer Philippines!

I just came home from Bonifacio High Street where the 6th Anniversary of Digital Photographer Philippines (DPP) is being held.

DPP is the #1 source of information for Pinoy photographers regarding things that are related to digital photography. It’s a wonderful magazine but it is quite pricey. I don’t actually buy it but I read my friends’ copy.

This is my first time to attend their anniversary party and I enjoyed my 2-hour stay at the venue (I am so sleepy because of last night’s graveyard shift). Nevertheless, I learned a thing or two from 2 speakers: Jose Boboy Librado and Paco Guerrero. They are just 2 of numerous speakers to this event.

Boboy Librado discussed “Photographers As Artist” which deals mostly about proper (natural) lighting to achieve great photos. Photography after all is all about light – without light, there is no photographs. I love his photos that include Black & White portraits as well as providing samples from famous photographers.

Paco Guerrero on the other hand discussed the combination of landscape photography (travel) with portrait photography. He made ordinary people (fishermen, sugar cane workers, Tiboli tribe members) into extra-ordinary models in his pictures. He urges newbie photographers (like me) to shoot photos that are “travel narrative” instead of the usual post card photos.

I love his tip on how to talk to people that we meet in our travels to get to know their story and be at ease with them. This will surely help us in capturing their stories in our pictures.

I admit, I’m far away from being a professional photographer but with the help of such photographers and events like the 6th anniversary of Digital Photographer Philippines, I would eventually get there.

Check out my photos of the event which was sponsored by Nikon, Canon, Magnum, Sony, Olympus, Benro, Phottix, Rollei, among others.


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