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Thursday, May 24, 2012

So You Want To Join The Amazing Race Philippines?


I’m a big fan of The Amazing Race TV series. When I heard that TV5 acquired the rights to have the Philippine version of the race, I got excited. I would love to watch how Filipinos complete in such a race.

The Amazing Race is a very successful TV show. It’s most recent Season 20 just finished in the US and right now, the Norwegian version of the race is being aired. Too bad the Norwegian version (called The Amazing Race Norge) has no English sub-title. The Norwegian version is already being shot in High-Definition whereas the US version took 17 seasons before it was finally filmed in HD (starting with season 18). I wonder if The Amazing Race Philippines would use HD technology in filming (I hope so).

After watching 8 seasons of The Amazing Race (12-20) and if the producer would strictly follow the format of the US version, these are some of the skills (in my observation) that would propel the racers to be the first winners of The Amazing Race Philippines:

  • Attention to details
  • Team player
  • Sharp eye for the Red and Yellow Flags and markers
  • Good memory
  • Stamina and perseverance
  • Willpower
  • Luck (specially with Taxi drivers)
  • Driving skills with both left and right-hand vehicles
  • Swimming
  • Knows how to count accurately and solve simple Math problems
  • Good balancing skills
  • Is NOT afraid of heights and speed
  • Can learn dancing routines quickly
  • Can solve puzzles and abstract questions
  • Follows the clues and instructions to the letter
  • Knows how to book airline tickets on the Net
  • Good at arts and crafts
  • Biker
  • Can play musical instruments
  • Observant
  • Has big appetite and can eat exotic foods
  • Knows Geography
  • Can speak English and other major world language like Chinese, Arabic or Spanish

I would love to audition for this race but I lack the most basic skill needed: driving. I would also love to see the profiles of the successful racers to the much awaited Amazing Race Philippines. I can’t wait for the first season.

Do you have any idea who are the famous celebrities that auditioned?

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