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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Support

ragnarok priest by ~citrus-shood

(Ragnarok Priest by ~citrus-shood)

When I first played Ragnarok Online in 2003, there is a psychological test in the game to suggest what is the best in-game job that a player should level up. It's one of the best psychological tests I've ever encountered.

My psychological test in Ragnarok revealed that I would best excel as an acolyte (priest class). It is a support character which main goal and way of level-up is by assisting other characters through buffs.

At that time, I was fascinated by the archer class that I ignored the suggested job class for me and went on to become an archer.

Years later, I reflect on the characters that I made and I realized that I enjoyed playing a support character the most (priest and soul linkers). The psychological test that I took the first time I played the game, indeed predicted what job I would enjoy playing.

I experience a lot of happy experiences in the game while being the priest. Everybody loves a priest! Priest makes other job class stronger and heals their Hit Points (HP) a.k.a. Life.

In real life, I enjoyed being a support character -- someone who's not usually on the limelight. I tend to work on the background. I avoid jobs that require being in center stage.
I hate being on the hot seat and I tend to be the shy guy. That's probably the reason why I end up being assistants to engineers or an agent for a team leader. It's also the reason why I don't have the desire to apply for other “leader” posts like Quality Assurance, Sales Agent, Trainer or Workforce.

I specially dread to be a Sales Person. I hate the feeling of looking good and offering someone to buy something. I hate the feeling of bringing out a person's interests and getting to know the person so that we could offer something for him to buy. No matter how many sales training I've attended, I still feel comfortable offering someone a product.

I'm more of a support guy -- a technical support guy. I love to help someone resolve his issue. i love to empower a person to be more tech savvy and to learn something new, especially those ​things related to technology. I feel great pride and sense of happiness whenever I help a customer resolve their issues.

Like the Ragnarok priest, I love helping people. The next time a promotion comes around; I might take up the road to help my fellow agents. I might take up an SME post in the future. Wish me luck!

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