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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where To Download The Latest QuickBooks Installer?

I’ve been a fan of QuickBooks ever since I encountered it during my stay at the accounting office of a small construction firm. I’ve been visiting their support website to know more about the latest news of this software even after I resigned from this company.

quickbooks premier 2012

Lately, there is a hot topic in the support website regarding the upgrade that the maker of QuickBooks is doing that causes difficulty in downloading the installers for the different year (version) of QuickBooks. These links were already posted on the QuickBooks Forum and I would like to post it here for fellow customers (specially in the US) who are clueless on where to download the installer. (QuickBooks Pro 2012) (QuickBooks Premier 2012) (QuickBooks Pro 2011) (QuickBooks Premier 2011) (QuickBooks Pro 2010) (QuickBooks Premier 2010) (QuickBooks Pro 2009) (QuickBooks Premier 2009)

I also found out from the support forum that these are the latest patches (updates or release) to his popular accounting software:

QuickBooks 2012 R8

QuickBooks 2011 R11

QuickBooks 2010 R15

QuickBooks 2009 R14

Do you have any problems downloading the installer? Let me know. I may be able to help.

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