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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Firefox Is Losing The Browser Wars

That statement is true at least in the Philippines. Hopefully, Firefox fared better in other parts of the globe.


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During my college years before Millennium 2000, there are only 2 browsers that I know: Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. I was using Netscape Navigator back then.

Today, there are at least 5 major browsers in the market: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. I can say that I’m a proud (and happy) Firefox user. I’ve been using Firefox since version 3.6 (around January 2010). I’ve heard about Firefox from a blog site like this one.

I believe Firefox would one day be the dominate browser in the world --- a title that I believe is currently held by Internet Explorer. Firefox has the backing of Google back then and I thought they’ll be partners for life. Until Google decided to create its own browser called Chrome in December 2008. The market share of Firefox eventually diminished.

I checked the status of the browser wars in the Philippines based on the statistics generated on my 4 blogs. I tallied the results and found out that indeed, Google Chrome is the dominant browser in the Philippines (based on my blogs) and has a market share of about 27.25%. It’s followed by Mozilla Firefox at 19.75% and Internet Explorer at 9.75%.

I certainly hope that Firefox usage in the Philippines would bounce back. I still believe that it would be the #1 browser at least in this part of the world.

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These data were the latest I got from my 4 blogs.

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