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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Iron Man 3 Movie Screening by Nuffnang PH and Sun Cellular

I want to thank Nuffnang PH and Sun Cellular for the free tickets to the movie screening of Iron Man 3 at Newport Cinema 2, Resorts World Manila last night. It was another great time at the movies!

Yesterday, I saw that the Newport Cinemas as jam-packed with people. All 4 Cinemas are showing Iron Man 3. Cinema 1 has the Lazy Boy and it costs P520 each ticket. Cinema 2 (where the Nuffnang screening was held) and Cinema 4 charges P270 for 2D while Cinema 3 charges P350 for 3D effects. I really appreciate the advance screening because they've included popcorns, soda and a chance to win a cellphone and loot bags courtesy of Sun Cellular.

Iron Man 3 follows the adventure of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as he face a new enemy named Mandarin. It also continues the relationship of Tony Stark and his assistant/girlfriend Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow).

Prior to watching the movie yesterday, I saw its trailer. When I saw that a guy named Mandarin would be his new enemy, I thought that the movie is an adaptation of the animated film about Iron Man versus Mandarin. In the animated film, Mandarin is of Chinese origin and his powers are somehow magical in origin.

In Iron Man 3, although his enemy is also named Mandarin, it's very different from the cartoon character. Mandarin in Iron Man 3 somehow resembles Bin Laden. The movie also has some similarities to actual events on the war against terrorism.

What I like about the movie is that it shows more about Tony Stark without his armor. Unlike the first 2 Iron Man movies wherein it shows his power with the armor, Iron Man 3 shows that he's equally powerful even without his armor. After all, he is Iron Man and his armor doesn't define his capabilities.

What I find odd about the storyline of the movie is the capability of JARVIS (the Artificial Intelligence of his armor or computer system) to control his entire armor set as if Iron Man is inside each and every armor.

Also, Iron Man has the capability to remote control his armor (using a headband). That's something that I haven't read on the comics or seen in the animation movies. I guess I missed that detail (if it was ever on the comics). The ending of the movie is also odd for me because as far as I know, he's dependent on that "battery" on his chest.

Other than those minor details, everything else is okay with the movie. The humor is still there, it has unexpected twists, the battle scenes are awesome, and they even included the story of a boy to the whole picture which really made the movie a "G" movie for the entire family. I highly recommended this movie.

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