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Monday, June 17, 2013

440th Araw ng Pasig Celebration

July 2 is Araw ng Pasig and this year is the 440th celebration of this historic event. I went to the website of the Pasig City Government and I was very disappointed that there is no information about this upcoming event on their website.

Pasig City Seal

In fact, the website of the Pasig City Government, particularly the Upcoming Events section, is not update. The last celebration that is listed there is the Bambino Festival which happened in January 2013. So I checked the other Social Media channels of the Pasig City Government.

no other events listed

The Facebook link on the website redirects to the Facebook page of Ex-Mayor Bobby Eusebio. It doesn’t give any information about the upcoming 440th Araw ng Pasig Celebration. It only highlights the accomplishments of the Pasig City Government.

The Twitter page of the Pasig City Government is a lot worse. It redirects to the Twitter account of Ex-Mayor Bobby Eusebio and it was last updated in 2010. It’s obvious that they set-up the Twitter account so that it would appear great on the Pasig City website, although it’s not updated.

pasig city twitter-horz

If I were the current Mayor of Pasig City, I would allot enough budgets to Public Information, particularly through websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter page. It’s already the digital age and a lot of people are online. Citizens of Pasig like me, would love to know information about upcoming events in Pasig City, on the Internet, online.

Surprisingly, the Pasig City Government has an agency called the Public Information Office (PIO). It has a Facebook page but it’s like the local version of PAG-ASA (the weather bureau). I just hope that public information would included other things aside from weather updates.

I’m just hoping that the Pasig City Government would celebrate the 440th Araw ng Pasig this year better than last year.

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